Reputation Management (REP)

Reputation Monitoring and Management Service
Control You Public Relations Image by Managing Your Online Reputation

RightNow offers a reputation monitoring and management service designed to assist with the tracking and response of what is being said about your brand or products on the internet. We scan hundreds of millions of web pages–including news, blogs, video, images, and forums–and let you know if we discover anything that matches that could have an impact on your business.

Every mention of your brand or product leaves a permanent record on the internet that can be found via the search engines. Our continuous scanning of the web for any mention of your name, brand, and products allows you to engage and respond rapidly to conversations, reviews, and comments.

This service goes way beyond “alerts” by eavesdropping on social media channels and industry specific sites. We Filter out the benign data and focus on the positive opportunities to promote your brand, and the negative situations that need direct customer service attention.

  • Monitor who’s talking about your brand
  • Manage your real-time reputation
  • Gain deeper customer insight
  • Quantify brand perception
  • Capitalize on positive conversations
  • Neutralize the effect of negative content

Online Reputation Monitoring and Management in real-time, we know if your company, brand, or products are being discussed on the Internet. This response based service will interact with the conversation (if necessary) to shepherd the most positive outcome.

Repair Negative Search Engine Results and Control You Brand Image

Online Reputation Management is quickly becoming a hot button issue in Search. Have you done a Google search for your business name, domain name, and your personal name? Hopefully the results are positive. But what can you do when the search engine results paint your company or name in a negative way… or worse!

Good businesses and people can have their online reputations turned upside down in a number of ways.

  • Competitors scoring highly for your Brand Name
  • Jealous Competitors posting untrue information
  • Angry and Slanderous ex-employees or clients
  • Personal relationships that have been terminated
  • Unfortunate “one time” encounters that make it online
  • Unreasonable Customers that turn vindictive

If you have found information on the net that your don’t want searchers finding, read on.

The Bad News: It is impossible to have any outside group (including Netrafic) remove data from someone else’s web server without their permission. Period. If you locate someone that claims to preform that service for you, you have found a criminal.

The Good News: It is possible to have the undesirable search engine result moved to a less visible spot in the search engine results pages. You can push the listing back to page two, three, four or give it the boot all the way to page ten! The farther back, the less likely it is to be found.

Suppression and Re-population: We use a number of SEO and content development tactics to suppress the unwanted results and repopulate the search results with positive, informative and educational material about you or your company. This is a time consuming process that will take months to accomplish. The success of this type of project depends on the volume of damaging material that has made its way online. If there are multiple sites reporting your misfortune, it may be an impossible task. But, if you are finding a few results that peg you as a “Rip Off” or “Bad Business” we can help. Additionally, if the attack is from a blog, forum, limited or local news coverage, article, ezine or journal posting, we can provide results. Please contact us for a custom and confidential quote.

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