RightNow Communications Celebrates 20 Years of Online Marketing

ceblarIt was 1995 when RightNow Communications opened its doors to provide marketing help to small and medium sized businesses. We started in a very small community, high in the Colorado Rockies when The Aspen Skiing Company bought Aspen Highlands Ski Area, where Chris had been the Sales Director. A new client asked us to build them a web site for an emerging media, people, were calling the world wide web! We lost our shirt building that site for a sushi restaurant and the rest is history… we never built another site. Instead we had an epiphany; how would anybody find all these web sites on this web?


Twenty years has rushed by in quick succession. Children grew up. And we kept our noses to the grindstone. Once we reached about 20 clients, around 1999, it appeared we would enjoy long-term success as a consultancy. Today we try to keep the client count to about 35, taking on just a few new clients each year.

Much has changed in 20 years to be sure. Some of our most notable milestones include

  • 1998 – We were one of the first companies in the nation to offer clients pay-per-click advertising on search queries with a little company called GoTo.
  • 1999 – Google emerges in the sea of search engines with significantly more relevant results than the myriad of search engines around at the time.
  • 2004 – RightNow Communications relocates to Southern California for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was The Internet allowed us to service clients from anywhere on the planet!
  • 2006 – As the internet evolved, David Tucker became part of RNC to handle the increasing technical aspects of search engine optimization
  • 2007 – It became clear to us that “content is king” and we expanded our offerings to include content creation, editing and optimization services.
  • 2009 – Social Media Marketing emerges as a viable method of communicating with prospects and customers and RNC expands to offer management services in addition to SEO and SEM.
  • 2012 – Local search emerges as a derivative of SEO and RNC includes the discipline as part of our services.
  • 2014 – Local search begins to morph into mobile search and RNC includes the new discipline as part of our services.

It is interesting to note, that an entrepreneurial precursor to RightNow Communications was the creation of Central Resort Reservations in the mid 1980’s and early 1990’s Which the Tucker Brothers ran on a “closed network” called airline computers! Who knew what was in store for us then?

Through the past 20 years as RNC, we have had one guiding principle that is, to deliver a high level of service and integrity to small and medium sized businesses so that they may compete on the internet. We feel we have delivered on that promise well and point to a high level of year-in-year-out retention of our client base. In fact, even today, our roster includes one client who has been with us since the beginning and more than half who have retained our services for at least 10 years!

Now, we look forward to providing these same services and surely evolving again with technology to reach our next milestone; the Silver Anniversary, in 2020!

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