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Youtube Video in Google Search Engine Results

Youtube in Google Search Engine Results Lights, Camera, Reaction!  Do YouTube?

We all marveled at the ability of Google Earth to zero in on your back-yard from outer-space.  What was the point?  As it turns out, almost any search on Google that includes a business name, location, destination, or local includes a Google Map result in the top ten search results.  There are dozens of business integration applications that can be applied today.

So, when Google paid a skillion dollars for Youtube video we all had a sneaking suspicion that it would somehow, someday, be good for business.  As it turns out, that day is today!  Google has started including relevant YouTube videos in its natural search engine results as a way to give searchers a variety of possible paths to explore.

What this means to you: The natural reaction for anybody searching Google for information is to click on one of these videos.  Its new, it moves, and its a chance to watch video instead of reading another web page.  I like to watch TV!  The next time a potential customer enters a relevant search term for your business model, you need to have a video up and running before you competition does.

Fortuneatly, the “How” of making a YouTube video is very simple.  You don’t even need a single frame of video to get the job done!  Most likely your web developer or graphic artist has a number of photos that can be combined in a flash video to create an ad, or promotional spot.  A great example is this piece on Baja Vacations:

Baja Paradise YouTube Link:

Or use some stock video footage with some still photos, add some music, and a voice-over and its magic!

GoVacationsGolfYouTube Link:

What does this have to do with my Netrafic SEO program?  The answer is easy – results!  Just making and uploading a video is not enough.  There is a specific methodology and technique to getting found.  By adding video, you add another layer of potential results.  Let us help SEO your video.

Here are some examples of clients getting results in Google with Video:

Brooks International has an exclusive contract with Jeff Evans.  When you search Google for “Motivational Speaker Jeff Evans” the client web site comes up, but so does the video.

Signtronix Sign Companies primary business model is “Lighted Outdoor Signs.” Using video we are able to get a front page result for the search term “LED sign company”

Getting Started is easy – as always, just give us a call.  We can walk you through the process of getting your video created, setting up your Tube account, and applying the necessary SEO tactics, so your video has a chance of landing on the front page of Google.

Want more proof?  Just Google “crazy halloween dog.” My pet Yorkie gets over 500 hits a day!