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Links Are Here to Stay!

If you are still sitting on the fence, waiting to employ a link development strategy for your website, I have some good news, and some bad news.

First, the Bad News: If your website is in a competitive search market you can no longer expect top organic results without having a link building strategy — Period.  Even sites that are well seasoned are starting to see their rankings drop in the search results if their link inventory is weak.

The Good News: It is not too late to implement a link building strategy for your website.  The positive effects of linking (on your search engine results) are rapidly visible.  Seasoned sites can see their positioning for competitive search terms rise in less then 90 days!

The Basics

  • What Are Links?  Links are the “action elements” that you click on to navigate between web pages or websites.  They can be text or graphics.  There’s a decided emphasis on text links for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Where Do Links Come From?  The primary sources for links leading back to your web site are: other websites, Internet directories, articles and press releases, blogs, social networks, and advertising venues.
  • Why Are Links Important?  The Search Engines view links in terms of “popularity” on the Internet.  If other sources on the net think your site is popular, then the Search Engines have more confidence that your website is a trusted source.
  • So More Links Are Better?  Not necessarily, the links must come from sources that the Search Engines already trust.  Think of links back to your site as testimonies to your website’s character.  A bunch of junk links from a foreign country or useless websites can actually have a negative effect on your site’s ability to rise and perform in search.
  • I’m Confused.  How Many Links Do I Need?  This is a common misunderstanding, so you are not alone.  Link development is an ongoing process that needs attention for the life of your site.  I like to think of “inbound links” as nutrition for your site.  Just like you can not eat a whole years worth of food in one sitting, you can not get linking finished in one swoop.  A link a day helps keep the competition at bay!

For your website to perform effectively in natural search, for it to receive front page listings, you need to address these top three aspects of SEO:

First, you need to start with a website that is designed to be Search Engine friendly, so that the search spiders can crawl it. 

Second, you need to have the on-site content aligned with your message, and groomed for the key words and phrases that you are targeting. 

Third, you need to build a robust link inventory from reliable and relevant sources. 

The team at RightNow Communications can help you develop a top performing site.  Contact us for an assessment of your online presence today.