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Microsoft Search Offers Fun Tickets!

In what seems somewhat desperate, Microsoft launched a new incentive program for Live Search today. The program is called SearchPerks, styled after a credit card reward program.

Every time you search, you earn tickets. You can earn up to 25 tickets a day. Tickets can later be redeemed for all sorts of rewards like music downloads (5 for 525 points) or loftier goals like airline miles (1000 miles for 1800 tickets).

Here’s how it works. Sign up for the program, and download a piece of code. This gives give you a Perk Counter for your desktop.

You can begin earning tickets today, October 1, all the way through April 15th of next year. You can begin claiming your rewards on April 16. However, you can only sign up for the program through December 31, 2008 and the program is capped at 250,000 people.

I’m not quite sure what 250,000 people searching for dollars will do for MSN’s marketshare. But, it wont be much in the scope of things and in my estimation has the potential to piss off hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions more by capping it. Oh that’s right, its “Live Search” aka MSN. Have you searched there in the past couple of years?

The Free Video Offer from Netrafic

Do you have video on (or about) your website? Let us upload it to YouTube with optimization that supports your Search Engine Marketing effort … FOR FREE!

Many clients are already experiencing results in the search engines with optimized video. We will target a search term that your site is competing for and launch the video to compete for that term. The desired results are this; seeing your website, pay per click ad (it using ppc) and the YouTube video in the top search results! Imagine having 3 or more results on the front page of Google for your search term!

Send your video to Dave in a .wmv .mov. or .avi format – video must be 10 minutes maximum in running time. We will create a custom YouTube Channel (if you do not already have an account,) tag your video with your domain name, and upload it for you in an optimized fashion.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call!

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