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Travel Marketing: Coupons, Discounts and Deals

While many firms and websites are suffering due to the current economic trends, one online business segment is up – DEALS!

Simmons Market Research Bureau just released a report indicating that coupon use is up by 22% over the same period last year. Web search trend monitors such as Alexa show some discount related sites enjoying triple digit growth this year.

“People are shopping earlier, and looking harder for deals,” says John McAteer, head of retail at Google. “Two years ago, people thought coupons were dead, that consumers didn’t have the patience to cut and clip them. But there has been a resurgence.”

This trend is bleeding over to the travel sector in a big way. While many mainstream travel sites have seen a downturn in visitors, niche sites offering specific destination savings have seen a surge in traffic. Travelers that have already made a destination decision are searching for the best deals on everything from lodging and meals, to activities and services.

“My email box is full of specific requests for savings coupons every day.” says Steve Hoodecheck, CEO of “Our winter ski vacations site, is seeing record visitor trends, up 113% in November 2008 compared to the same period last year. People know exactly what they want; specific lodging price points, ski rental deals, discount lift tickets along with resort activities, services and dining coupons.”

Here are a few ideas on how your website can take advantage of this search traffic trend.

Create a deal, discount, web special or coupon page on your website. Contact us here at RighNow Communications to optimize the page, so it can be found in the search engines. “These types of search terms have a high probability of success. The competition is light, making them relatively soft targets for search engine optimization.” says Chris Tucker, Owner of RightNow, Inc.

Expand your Pay-per-Click campaign to include savings specific search terms, and direct those clicks toward your web-specials landing page. RightNow PPC customers can contact us directly for assistance with this process.

Add a coupon to your Google Local page. There is a location that you can add a web coupon that is easy to update. This is an effective method for converting customers, even after they have arrived at their destination. Learn how to create a Google Local page.

Get listed on travel coupon sites like Web searchers are already looking for resort specific deals on these portals, generating additional potential customers for your product or service.

These strategies will pay off big-time in the coming months for those marketers willing to embrace the discount and deal mentality of online shoppers.

Coupon Traffic – Up, Up, and Away!

Free Press Release Distribution and Links!

Every so often RightNow Communications offers a nice little freebie to our clients, with an open offer to “Take Advantage” of our service. Last month we served up the Free Video Offer. This month we bring you the … Press Release Deal!

What You Need To Do: Send us a copy of your press releases in .doc, .pdf or .html format, then sit back and relax. Your part is done!

What We Do: We have a network of blogs, articles sites, partner sites, and content resources where we place content as part of our Linking Program. We will take your PR and embed a nice link back to your site that supports your target Search Terms. This will help your website perform better in the search engines!

Why, So What, and Who Cares? The value of distributing press releases has two primary functions. The first (and primary) reason is to “get the word” out on the net. A well placed PR will drive traffic back to your site, and create brand awareness. The second (and often overlooked) benefit of placing press releases on the web is the links it can provide back to your site. Not traffic links, but BackLinks that support your SEO goals. These are the links your site MUST have to perform for competitive search terms in the organic search results.

Note: This service is included as a regular part of our Link Development program.

Send your requests directly to Link-a-Billy Dave, or call to discuss.

YouTubing For Traffic

The online video revolution is over! Today, online video has become a common element that visitors expect to find on your website. The video sharing site Youtube has become the 3rd most popular social media site on the Internet (behind MySpace and Facebook.) This has opened the door for marketers to develop serious inbound traffic back to their websites via video. The Youtube platform is free, so the only cost is developing content to upload.

So what does it take to funnel traffic from YouTube? Here are some guidelines to developing a steady stream of visitors from the Tube.


If you don’t already have a YouTube account, create an Account and User Name.

Choose your brand name, or a key target search term for your account User Name.

Customize your Channel home page – make sure to include an original text bio of a least one paragraph. Do NOT just copy and paste some text from your webiste. There are options to create a custom look and feel to your Channel. Here is a fine example of a YT page – Arizona

Netrafic Clients – Contact us for assistance in this process.


Here are some of the most popular methods to creating content for your YT Channel.

Repurpose video that is being used elsewhere in your marketing. This includes virtual tours, flash presentations, and existing video that you might be sharing with customers, clients, and vendors.

Request video from your clients, advertisers, customers, vendors and anyone else you do business with. Explain how it will be used, and how it will benefit them with increased visitors.

Montage a series of quality photos that targets the theme of your video. Add music and/or voice-over, and you will have a nice video presentation. Example: Cabo Pulmo

Contact the teacher or department head of local education facilities and request student assistance. You would be surprised how may film students are looking for projects to turn in as assignments!

Grab a video camera and start creating! Get in the habit of shooting short clips that can be edited together. You will quickly find out what works. Assign this to someone in the marketing department.

Outsource to a content creation company. You will get high quality video, but it comes with a price tag.

Important Tip! You must “watermark” your videos with your domain, phone number, and contact information. This is the primary way to turn video views in customers.

Confused? Did you take advantage of the Netrafic Free Video Offer?

Upload and SEO:

Uploading a video to YouTube is a simple process that only takes a few steps. There are several critical steps here that can make or break the videos SEO performance. You want the clip to perform in both the YouTube Network and the search engines, like Google.

Repeat the process! One upload is NOT an online video marketing program. To have success, you must upload content on a regular basis. Just like your website, more content equals more traffic.

Netrafic Clients can contact us for guidance in uploading their video.

In this economy you need to squeeze every visitor out of your online marketing program. Once you have created a video, you can upload it to dozens of other video sharing sites like Myspace, MSN and Yahoo Video!

Quick Stat: YouTube Attracts 100 Million U.S. Online Video Viewers in October 2008