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Government to Regulate Social Media?

The Fed’s want to intervene, and regulate the flow of commercial communication in Social Media channels. In a nutshell, they want anyone that blogs, Tweets, reviews, recommends, or writes about a product (and receives compensation to do it) to wear an arm band that identifies them as an “advertiser.” Ok, I made the arm-band part up.

Are consumers really so stupid that they will make a buying decision based on what “ForReals69” has to say on Twitter? When you see a glowing positive product review don’t you automatically assume its hype? After all, its the Internets!

Face it — without regulation it is impossible to form another layer of government that requires budget funding, assess fees, expands bureaucracy, and create new jobs…

So, why do you hate new jobs so much?

Disclaimer – This post should be considered when buying into the concept that the government should regulate every aspect of your life.

The New Google – How Does Your Site Rank?

Google’s new search tool is in beta testing right now, called Google Caffeine. This will eventually replace the current search tool on The stated goal of the product is to deliver more relevant search results, as quickly as possible. That’s the short version, you can read the whole enchilada over at the Google Webmaster Blog or view an independent Caffeine speed test.

So what does this mean for RightNow clients? Well, we certainly like the faster part. The “more relevant” part sounds good also, but remember that it is a mathematical equation that determines relevancy. Google takes hundreds of factors (yes hundreds!) about every site to determine which web sites belong at the top of the heap for any given search term.

Initial tests show RightNow client’s sites performing well in the new Google. Remember that Google is still tweaking the ranking factors, so the public release will be different than the current version.

I was hesitant to place this note in our monthly newsletter. Inevitability someone is going to run this tool and come to the conclusion that the sky is falling! If you see something that concerns you, just pick up the phone and call us — that’s why you hired RightNow as your professional SEO consultant.

Here are two tools to test how your site performs in the new Google Search tool.

  • Perform a Side by Side Comparison
  • Go Directly to Google Caffeine Beta
  • Questions? Call Us!

    Let RightNow Optimize Your Press Release

    One of the most effective, least expensive ways to generate traffic, brand awareness, and links is through a properly optimized online press release. We see hundreds of web press releases fall short of their potential for three primary reasons.

    Lack of Content and Media – A successful web press release needs to be laser focused at your target audience. Engage a public relations content creation specialist to develop your release. Including embedded video, photos, and graphics are critical elements online.

    Poor Optimization Tactics – Just like any web based asset, your PR needs to be correctly optimized to perform so your audience can locate it. That means it needs to perform in both current news feeds and long term search engine searches. Unlike traditional releases, the web release is a page that will live on the Internet for a long time. Keyword research, correct text placement, anchor text link development, and social media integration are all critical.

    No Paid Channel Placement – Online Press Releases are a “pay to play” game unless your topic is so hot that TMZ is knocking on your front door. There are several major paid placement wire services that will get your piece in front of writers, consumers, bloggers, and major syndicated news sources. You can expect the cost to be somewhere around $500, and worth every penny.

    RightNow is happy to optimize your PR as part of our SEO and Linking campaigns. No additional cost! We can also guide you through the process of placing your Release on a wire service after its optimized. No writer? No problem! We work with several talented content creation specialists and public relations firms that can hand-craft your media release.

    PR Web has created an overview on the Anatomy of a Press Release and also a nice video.

    SEO Requires a Family of Strategies

    SEO'n Down on the Farm

    When Search Engine Optimization got it’s start the entire strategy revolved around what you put on your page. Those were the days! Because now, in competitive categories, it takes a lot more than the singular component of on-page SEO. You need a family of strategies to accomplish higher rankings. It just so happens RNC is a family business. I perform the On Page work while my brother does a myriad of things we lump together into the term, Off Page, or linking but is by no means limited to what you might think is “linking”.

    Ive seen this off page work make my on page work sing! It frees me to concentrate on creating compelling SEO on the page who’s sole goal is to convert the search engine visitor to a clickthru to the clients web site. It is possible to engage us for one or the other but it really just doesnt make sense anymore.

    After all, the stakes are much higher today. Ten years ago some people used the internet to help make a lot of buying decisions. Today, it is without a doubt the primary way for businesses to reach, communicate and interact with customers. This is not just a pitch though. However you go about optimizing your web site for the search engines, make sure you cover both bases. On Page work requires a complete audit of the entire website and then ongoing care and feeing. Off Page work is an endless discovery and relationship building process that proactively does what the web was intended to do; link it all together for the end user.