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Create a Mobile Website – Quick and Free!

I was recently presented with one of my favorite web challenges; How to do something for nothing.

One of my “starving musician” projects was selected to perform a showcase set at the Los Angeles Film Festival for music industry people. The artist’s website was designed using a large amount of Adobe Flash. The site looks great in a browser, but visiting via a mobile device delivers an awful rendering. Flash is not supported by most mobile machines, including iPhone and Android powered devices. Instead of delivering the rich media experience developed in Flash, mobile devices display the “Blue Cube” of death. Not a good first impression! [Read more…]

Internet Business Success in a Bottle!

SEO, SEM, SMM… What is the right online marketing strategy for you? How do you pick one over the other? Is one better than the other? Should I try to learn it myself or hire it out? Where am I going to find the time to figure out what I need to do for my business? These are the things that keep small and medium sized business owners and marketing managers awake at night.

The brave new world of the internet is over 15 years old now. But still, many businesses are operating in the dark ages, mainly because they don’t really know what to do.

The old days were pretty cut and dry; yellow pages, classifieds, display advertising, direct mail, radio…tv. Today, it’s all about positioning and building relationships. If you aren’t in a “wired” position you will miss the opportunity to build a relationship. In the old days it was hard to figure out how to harness mass marketing. Today, we distill mass marketing down to individual relationships. This can’t be done hap-hazardly. There is a defined process for gaining a presence that allows you to build relationships. [Read more…]

Is it Possible to Add Content too Quickly?

QUESTION: If we launch a Help Section for our various products within a short period of time, will that throw any red flags with Google since we would be adding so much new content at once? Just wanted to ask about this in case we need to space the content release out a bit. Let me know what you think.

ANSWER: There is no reason that Google would penalize any website for adding legitimate content. The only potential impact (Google) will be the redistribution of Page Rank. It’s possible that a large amount of new content will bleed off some of the sites accumulated PR causing the sites home-page to drop. This is of little concern when it comes to ranking for organic search terms. The content is much more important than Google Page Rank. Your site has almost 2,000 pages indexed already, so the impact of adding additional content will only be positive. There is some SEO benefit to adding the content slowly (spacing it out,) however – with critical content like a Help Section the visitor & customer need to access the content far outweighs any SEO considerations.