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Social is as Social Does

We have been helping clients establish a FaceBook presence for quite some time now and as such, I spend a fair amount of time there. I spend my time mostly looking at how other businesses connect, engage and converse with their audience of supporters aka Fans…or these days, Likers.

Here are some of the top mistakes I see businesses making in order of importance:

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Local Search 101 – Part 2

In Part 1 of our Local Search article, we talked about the basics of local search. Now, let’s look at what local search can do to grow your online visibility and reputation.

As we close-in on 2011, we are rapidly approaching the point when customers won’t pick up the phone or drop by a business location without first doing a quick local search, confirming that your business is convenient and open, and scanning the reviews.

That’s the new reality — no one wants to waste time or money, or to have a disappointing experience. And the best way to help ensure a satisfying outcome is find out what previous customers experienced: Are your tacos really the best in town? Are your surgery patients happy with their outcomes? Is your contracting service trustworthy? Can I conveniently drive to your office?

This is contributing to the reason why traditional, business-driven print ads, direct mail, and cable TV are running flat or collapsing, while customer use of local search is growing at 50% per year. Customers want the insightful information that local search provides.

Here’s another underlying trend: Web-enabled smart phone sales now exceed 250 million units per year. And sales of all portable smart devices are expected to overtake personal computers by 2013. What will many of those users be doing with their snazzy new toys? That’s right . . . Local search.

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Reporting Upgrade – Email Campaign Monitoring

For many of our clients, email marketing campaigns are a vital tool for communication and sales. That’s why we have added an email marketing tool to our reporting system. This feature makes it easy to monitor and report on email marketing you are already doing through your Campaign Monitor and MailChimp account, two popular email services.

Campaign Monitor and MailChimp both have the ability to connect your existing email marketing account to the RightNow Communications reporting system. All we need is some basic information about your email campaign. After we synchronize our reporting system with your email service, the reporting platform will retrieve data and enable you to monitor and report on your email campaigns. The one time set-up is free to RightNow Communications clients.

Campaign Monitor and MailChimp automatically include campaign variables with their links. This allows our reporting system to retrieve data from Google Analytics for each email campaign you send out. We look forward to adding more email marketing services as our system grows, and we are hoping to include Constant Contact and Aweber in the future.

Email Report Data Sample:

Local Search 101 – Part 1

The Power of Local Search Marketing — A Low-Cost, High-Value Strategy for your Business
Part 1: Local Search 101

What is one of the most important recent change in online small business marketing? It’s Universal Search, the integration of all these media types and sources — everything meaningful about a particular topic — on a single search results page.

The simple text search results we’ve known in past years now include a spectrum of new formats and sources: images, videos, blog posts, news headlines, social media updates, maps, etc. — everything our friends at Google, Yahoo, and Bing think we might want to know about something — hence the name universal search.

But for small businesses, the big news, the compelling feature of universal search that provides an unprecedented opportunity is Local Search.

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Improve or Perish

We’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating; Marketing on the internet is not an event, it is a process. Pretty simple to understand but not so easy to follow.

Here’s the scenario: You have just created a great new web site for your business. Or, perhaps, this is a second or third or maybe, even fourth redesign over the past 15 years. Unlike a brochure, where the completion of it would mean the end of the work (other than distributing said brochure…) your work has just begun the day your new site goes live. You’ve heard us nagging about content being king and the need to blog to help create new content on a regular basis but what if you just can’t bring yourself to blog for one reason or another. Is there any way to tackle this elephant?

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Facebook Fad More Likely to be a Trend

Ok, all right. So, there wasn’t a RightNow Communications Facebook Fan Page until very recently. We just can’t be early adopters ALL the time… It’s not like we haven’t been deep in the trenches working Facebook for some time now. Clients prodded us into Farmville over a year ago and it has been an eye opening experience to say the least.

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