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Local Search Consulting – Free!

Google Places Local Search

Current clients receive Local Search and Google Places consulting and advice as part of the cost of your current campaign. Call or email to set up an appointment to discuss your current positioning, what needs to be done to improve your visibility, and answer questions or concerns. If you situation requires an expanded campaign we can develop a work profile and proposal.

Remember, you have a partner on the Internet – pick up the phone and call us … Partner!

Big Changes in Google Search

Google has made a number of aggressive changes to the way search results are displayed when the search term includes a City and/or State. This is going to have a direct impact on your business if you target search terms that include physical locations.

What Has Changed – Google has introduced “Place Search” as a replacement for Local Search. The familiar 7 Pack Map Grouping at the top of the page has been eliminated. The map now resides in the right sidebar. The Local Listings have been integrated into the search results. In many cases this has displaced organic results, pushing top 10 listings on to the second page of the search engine results.

Who This Will Effect: [Read more…]

Google Analytics Training

Most marketing, sales, and management data is delivered via our regular SEO reporting. Some advanced metrics and research is not available, and will require digging into your Google Analytics.

We have has several large organizations request training on Google Analytics. The goals of these trainings range from basic interpretation, to advanced research and report generation techniques.

Here is the simple process necessary to get everybody in your group up and running with Google Analytics. Please note that people with these access permissions will have full access to view all of your websites online marketing statistics and history.

#1 – Create a Google Account and Gmail email address if you don’t already have one. Visit to set-up a new Google account.

#2 – Send your Gmail email account address to the person coordinating your training seminar. We just need your email address, not your Google Account log-in details.

#3 – Wait for a return email saying your Google account has access to Analytics.

#4 – Log into your Google account and then Sign into Google Analytics by visiting and click the blue “Access Analytics” button. You will see the accounts you have permission to view.

When everybody on your team is up and running we will schedule a training and overview teleconference. If anybody develops questions prior to this phone call please hold them until the conference call so they can be answered for everybody in the group.

The cost for group training is covered for our clients as part of the SEO campaign.