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Google Analytics Review

Google Analytics Review

As a regular part of your SEO Campaign we review and report on your Google Analytics metrics. We are looking for trends, changes, strong spots, weaknesses, and comparisons to previous reporting periods.

In addition, some clients request expanded analysis, training, and research. This extended service is covered as part of the cost of your organic search engine optimization campaign.

Give us a call! We would be happy to schedule a review, and can target any specific marketing or conversion goals that are important to your organization

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Literalization is Here to Stay… For Now.

According to all the dictionaries now found on line, Literalization is a noun form of the word Literalize. Mr Webster says: The act of literalizing; reduction to a literal meaning…

That’s all fine and well. But I would like to update the meaning to include: The act of writing prose that search engine robots can read, interpret (correctly) and index (properly). Now, I don’t purport to be some alien brainiac. But a little over fifteen years ago (whew) I had a giant “aha moment” that has served me well all these years. That was and continues to be; the role of writing for web sites must include the ability to conceptualize how a robot discerns what it is we are saying!

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