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Social Media is Now an SEO Ranking Factor

Links back to your website from social media and bookmarking sites have always contributed to your website’s organic SEO strength. Now the Search Engines have confirmed that they are using additional social media data as part of the organic ranking equation. Currently, the primary space they are using in their ranking calculations are Twitter and Facebook. The number of Followers, Likes, ReTweets, embedded links, and link popularity of your social media pages all are purported to be factors. [Read more…]

Catch a Wave and Ride It!

Some of our SEO clients have been with us five, ten, even fifteen years! The longer your business has been concentrating on being found through internet search, the stronger your position is. Now, along comes Social Media and we are seeing the cycle repeat again. Those who have engaged in this new form of marketing will be that much more ahead of the game than those who come next year and beyond.

The problem for most businesses is a lack of staff. There are just too many processes and strategies to tackle and like the proverbial “deer in the headlights”, it’s pretty easy to put aside that which we do not know.

How can you begin to grapple with the social marketing strategy?

Twitter: Do you have interests? Sure you do! Choose a few topics that interest you and follow them on Twitter. Topics are “tagged” with a hashmark #. You can search for topics using this method or you can automate it with a variety of tools found online. You don’t need a Twitter account to do this. But why not? Who knows, you might have something to contribute to the stream yourself! Twitter is just a news stream from millions of businesses, media outlets and people like you and me.

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New Year, New Initiatives

The new year brings time to reflect on the previous year and finalize plans for the new one. It’s good to take the time to look back on the efforts put forth the previous year to help you plan the next. Small business owners are stretched in more ways than ever before. But opportunity doesn’t care. The challenge has to be met each year or risk falling behind! Here are a few tips to help you take action in the new year

1) Things I did that did not work out: It’s hard to face the facts but some initiatives we take don’t work as planned. But therein lies the value. You cannot find the “secret formula” without a healthy dose of failure. Instead, take time now to reflect. Make the hard decisions to cut your losses now, first. Everything else you do to prepare for a new year will be easy! Other initiatives just need adjustment, refinement or a new course set.

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RightNow Communications Reporting Features

Reporting Features Available To You Now

Did You Know? The RightNow Communications Suite of Reporting Tools Includes:

Online Access – Log in 24/7 to review your campaign.

iOS App – Apple users can load our Reporting App on their iPhone, iPad, or iTouch and receive key metrics in real time.

Social Media Stats – Visitor and conversion tracking and statistics from your FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

Email Campaign Integration – Select email systems can deliver mailing results directly to our reporting system such as delivery rates, open rates, and click-thrus.

Media Monitoring – Our clipping and alert service can watch for online mentions of your business or domain name and collect them in an easy to read report.

Competition Spy – Automatically keep an eye on key competitors.

International Results – The search engines serve different results in each part of the world. If your product or service targets foreign soil we can report on specific regional results.

History – A complete progress and results history for each search term is available online.

BaseCamp Integration – The popular project management tool BaseCamp is now an integrated piece of the reporting pie