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Google +1 Button

Google is in the process of implementing a new social sharing tool called +1. This is similar to the Facebook “Like” button, but will be integrated into all Google products including organic search results. We will start seeing +1 this month, and the ability to add it to your site shortly thereafter. The impact of +1 on search engine optimization is unknown at this point, but we will continue to keep our clients in front of important developments.

Google +1 Explained

Website Performance and Uptime Monitoring

Website and server speed is part of search engine optimization.

We have implemented a website monitoring service that independently checks the performance and uptime of your server. While the occasional outage wont generally have any impact on your search rankings, repeated downtime and slow response times will hurt you. But how do you know if your server has slow / down time? [Read more…]

Dropped From Google Completely

It is every business owners worst nightmare – you wake up one morning and your website has vanished from Google. This was the plight of one frantic website owner we encountered recently. The site owner was convinced that something his SEO company had done caused his website to receive a Google penalty. His site was gone from Google… completely. You could not find the site by searching for the brand name or url. Any pages that were still indexed were not performing for any keyword search, and the cached versions were old. Diving into the crawl stats confirmed that Google not crawling the website – flat-lined. [Read more…]

FaceBook Marketing Services Expand

Two years ago, we began to offer FaceBook marketing services to our clients in addition to our search engine optimization and marketing services. We now handle the presence for several clients on FaceBook, working together with them to increase audience size and develop relationships with their fans.

It’s only natural that we are expanding what we offer on FaceBook as the medium grows and matures.

Custom Business Pages: First impressions on FaceBook are very important to growing your audience there – and you are only as effective there at cultivating business as the [Read more…]