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Aerial Imaging Video Production

The crew here at RightNow is fortunate to come in contact (and collaborate) with some very talented individuals. Web developers, graphic designers, programmers, writers, musicians, photographers and multimedia production people. We recently came across an aerial video production company that captures incredible footage using remote control helicopters.

Video shot from altitude has instant impact, and tells the story in a way that other perspectives just can’t. Because the video is shot from a quiet electric RC helicopter, you can capture imagery that is not feasible with traditional methods. Low altitude flights are possible in most environments, with very little noise or safety concerns. The company, Aerial Imaging Productions is based in Colorado and will engage in projects located in most Western States. The company offers complete video production services, from story-boarding the concept, to post-production and final delivery.

Contact Aerial Imaging Productions or Call RightNow for an introduction. We can combine video SEO and placement for your completed project.

H2O and SEO: The Basic Elements of Life

When Chris Tucker started RightNow Communications in 1997, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process was straightforward. The primary skills required to dominate the search results were a knack for marketing, writing skills, and the ability to research keywords for a client’s product or service. These are all still ultra important aspects of the SEO process today. However, modern SEO requires multiple skill sets if you expect to score high rankings in competitive markets. [Read more…]

Facebook Advertising is a Big LIKE!

We have been engaged in pay-per-click advertising for so long we actually coined the name, “pay-for-visitor” (PFV) way back in the 90’s. Suffice to say, PPC beat out PFV as the acronym we now know and use today. Never the less, we have been around the block! When Overture kicked off way back when, we were one of the first consultants to recommend it as a strategy for our clients. Those were the days when you could scoop up visitors for a dime a piece on average. Oh! those were the days!

[Read more…]

PPC Advertising – Youtube Promoted Videos

YouTube receives a mind-blowing number of viewers every day. So much traffic in fact, that it is worth pursuing as an advertising platform. If you have a product or service that people search for on Youtube, then you may have a winner on your hands!

What Type of Businesses Convert from Youtube Promoted Videos? Local Services, Destinations, Travel Products, Consumer Goods, Entertainment, Real Estate, Download’s, and Software!

How It Works: The YouTube Promoted Video platform works very much like Google Adwords advertising. You choose relevant keywords that you want to target, set a daily budget amount that you want to spend, and select which one of your videos that you want to appear. That’s the rub; You need to have a video uploaded to Youtube. If you don’t have video yet you need to move that to the top of your “to do” list! The great news; The CPM and Click Cost for YouTube is relatively low compared to other types of online advertising. [Read more…]