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Social Media Auto Posting Misses the Point

You are overloaded. It’s a fact. Before the internet came along you were already plenty busy. It’s taken you a decade of weening yourself from traditional media, transferring marketing dollars over to the digital side of the coin.

Now, along comes the Social Networks (SMM). If a business is to participate, there are so many things to learn and do at once. It seems insurmountable. Smart marketers saw this early on and developed management tools. A component of most of these tools is the ability to “load” posts for Twitter (or Facebook and others) to autopost in the future. And it is oh-so-easy to flip the switch that auto posts whatever you post at Twitter directly onto Facebook. Whew! That cuts down the workload.

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Google Working Hard to Control the Universe

I read a lot of search engine optimization blogs and articles every day. On any given day Google has better than a 90% share of the news for the day in one way or another. The social web sites increasingly get a good share of the news recently. But most days it’s just wall to wall Google.

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