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Use Analytics to Improve Campaign Targeting

We can all agree that Analytics is an excellent tool for measuring the progress of your SEO and online marketing efforts. However, the true value is not collecting all that visitor data, but what you do with it to improve your marketing, targeting and ROI. This excellent video by Rand at SEOMOZ clearly highlights some areas of Google Analytics that you can focus on, and explains some key concepts in an easy to understand format.

If you need additional help with interpreting your Analytics data give us a call! This service is an included part of your SEO plan if you are a RightNow client.


+1 The Time is Now!

Google recently announced that the plus one button is getting over 2 million daily views, additionally they have released a YouTube video outlining some of the best practices to help you get the most out of the plus one button.

When installing the plus one button, utilize the callback parameter. This will allow users that +1 an item on your website to go back and purchase, read, or visit any URL you want to target later when they have time. In addition, Google has provided additional parameters that you can use when installing the water the plus one button. You can control how the button looks, what is displayed, what URL should receive the +1, and what function you want to call when someone clicks the +1 button.

To learn more about implementing the plus one button on your website please contact Dave or Chris at RightNow Communications.

Additional Reading: How to use the Google +1 button and parameters.

It’s the Sum of the Parts

By now, if you have been involved in marketing a business on the internet for any amount of time, you’ve realized there is no single powerful secret to world wide web success. Instead, it is a never-ending process of strategy planning followed by execution. Once you have created all of the necessary ingredients you have to feed them and engage them in activities designed to draw interested people towards your brand.

Each component takes time to develop before it can fully assist in the holistic process:

a) 2.0 web site that is SEO friendly and capable of expansion and change by the owner. Once built, regular updating and buildout required. Increasingly, it needs to be functional on a mobile device. [Read more…]