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Blog SEO

Blogging Tips for Improved Search Engine Ranking: Blog Post Structure to Improve SEO

We provide SEO services for our clients blog posts and news feed. If you are inclined to DIY here are some of the critical considerations when blogging for SEO.

    Content – Create targeted content that includes your search term keyword and search phrases. Do not over-use your keyword elements. Blog posts should be between 200-500 words. Consider breaking longer posts in to multiple parts.

    Meta Title Tag – Place your target keyword search terms prominently in the Meta Title tag. Keep the Meta Title around 60 characters.

    Meta Description – While not a factor for SEO ranking, a concise Meta Description will increase the click-thru rate on your blog posts. Keep the Meta Description around 160 characters. [Read more…]

Making Changes? Keep us in the Loop!

One of the single most important things you can do to help your SEO program is notify us when you make a change to your website. Specifically, changing, moving, or deleting a URL on your website. We have worked very hard to get every page of your website to perform in the search engines. This includes optimization and link building tactics. These pages now perform in the search engines and are indexed.

The SEO friendly way to make these changes is to place a 301 redirect on the old page. This alerts the search engines that the change has been made and forwards them to the new page, or another part of your website. Additionally, this prevents visitors from landing on a dead page of your website.

With the proper implementation of 301 redirects you can change [Read more…]

Google Standout Tag

Google has created a new attribute for website publishers called the Standout Tag. The Standout tag allows publishers to designate content as featured alerting Google that the content may be suitable for inclusion in Google News. The tag is placed in the HTML header of your webpage, article, or blog post.

To implement this tag simply insert the following HTML attribute into your page.

<link rel=”standout” href=”” />

A rel attribute defines the relationship between the current document and the linked document. These attributes are not used by web browsers, only search engines, to provide more information about the document or link.

To prevent spammers from overusing this tag Google has warned that [Read more…]

RIP Sweet Prince of Creativity

Hasn’t everything been said about Steve Jobs and Apple that can be said? Actually, no. That’s because every person who has been touched by Steve and his products has a story of their own. This is mine. He has been called the Thomas Edison of our time. I have to agree. Without him and his “little” company with the cute name, chances are, my life would have taken an entirely different path.

One of his best quotes was to “Live your life for yourself. Do something bold and do something you love.” This has been my basic tenet in life. But my life with Apple began in the mid-1980’s. Sorry, one thing I have not done is keep a diary, but it had to be somewhere around 1986. I had just come off a rough landing from [Read more…]