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Did You Say You Wanted More To Do?

With all those folks working hard over at the Googleplex in addition to their acquisitions, it was only a matter of time before it all began to meld together. That time is here. In many ways, the recent developments at google with the “panda” algorithm, places and local search, 1+, Google+ and now Search Your World are, in essence, a new Google. It’s very subtle on the user side of the coin. But on the marketer side of the coin it is yet another non optional, labor intensive addition to the task at hand.

Here are three things you must do to stay ahead of the pack:

  • Google Places has been around awhile. But, like everything, it is not a “set it and forget it” kind of thing. What you include impacts how and where you show when people perform a “local search”. If you have a business location, “Places” is your nemesis now. It needs regular care and feeding.
  • Google+1 Button has been in existence for at least a year. It’s implications are becoming clearer now. You should add it to every page of your web site. It allows people to quickly give your information a “vote of confidence” which will affect your rankings in the not so distant future.
  • Google+ is the social network devised by Google to compete with Facebook. We think G had to have their very own shiny social world instead of lease it from others. [Read more…]

A Winning Internet Strategy

Lets peer into a marketing strategy meeting that is going on at a lot of small to medium sized businesses right now. No matter who they are, they believe that their business or service brings a real value to the marketplace.

The hypothetical team is going through a planning process to prepare for the new year.

  1. A budget must be set that is reasonable and can be followed
  2. New or existing vendors need to be identified and brought into the loop
  3. High level creative brainstorming is needed to do better than previous years

The team goes through this exhaustive process that pushes everyone to their limit. A plan is made. What happens next? Many times, we witness… “not much.” Here, the company expends money and hours agonizing over costs and creative ideas to formulate a plan. There may be several services vendors involved to bring all the projects and programs together. [Read more…]