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Don’t Forget Your Chamber of Commerce When Devising Your Marketing Plan

One of our first clients when we got started back in the mid 1990’s was a small town chamber of commerce. Since then, we have always had a couple chambers in our fold. They are fun to work with. People who work at chambers just tend to be really passionate, hard working people!

Estes Park C of C Photo

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Google Analytics Benchmarks [infographic]

“How do our Google Analytics metrics compare to other websites?” We hear this question frequently! Visitor and engagement statistics vary depending on market and content type. In the past we have used our experience and the annual numbers that Google provides to help clients gauge how they stack up from a benchmark perspective. Thanks to our friends (with the cute name) at KISSmetrics for setting up an infographic that shows Google Analytics averages.

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Just Call It Marketing!

We have been providing internet marketing services since 1996, also known as the “dawn of time.” In the fifteen, plus years since then, someone in the industry regularly proclaims that “SEO is dead.” Every time there is a twist or a turn in the Google road, pundits tell us it’s the beginning of the end.

SEO is a funny term to begin with. But it has stuck as the acronym of the search engine optimization industry since way back when. So, I’m jumping in now and stating that SEO is in fact, dead. It actually died several years ago, when the practice of “optimizing” web sites required that other web sites call your web site an important resource. When the search algorithm calculates somewhere around 50/50 what you said on your page and what others said about you on their pages, the game changed entirely. This change happened several years ago. As soon as the herd figured out how to game it, the hammer came down hard in the form of a cute, foreign-named bear called Panda.

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What is a Google Panda? [infographic]

At a recent networking event the owner of a law firm pulled me aside to ask a few SEO related questions. His first question was, “Can you tell if my website is infected with the Google Panda?” I wanted to burst out laughing and hang my head in shame at the same time. Don’t get me wrong; I am not laughing at the person or the question, but the fact that changes in the Google ranking algorithm have trickled down to main street America.

It’s easy to misinterpret all the SEO mumbo-jumbo, especially when the average reader scans the news headlines and sees sensationalized headlines like “Panda Update Hits Websites Hard” or “Google Panda Victim.” And good luck (website owner) if you search online for “Google Panda.” [Read more…]

Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Content Needs

You know you need to create content. Even if you have an outside consultant helping you put it all together, a fair amount of the basic work needs to be done by you. It will remain an insurmountable pain in the you-know-what unless you take charge! We have found the easiest way to do this is to create an editorial calendar. After all, the old newspaper may be slowly dying, but that doesn’t mean journalism is. People are insatiable when it comes to gathering information they are interested in.

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