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Creating a Video for Your Business


If you plan on filming this yourself; By following these tips you will create a video file that has clear video and audio qualities.

  • Write scripted talking points to follow.
  • Create the highest quality video file possible by shooting in HD.
  • Position the camera so that the speaker fills the frame.
  • Use a tripod to position the camera.
  • Be aware of the background and avoid distracting elements.
  • Shoot in a location that has no background noise or ambient sound.
  • Use an external microphone if possible.
  • Avoid harsh lighting such as sunlight, or lighting that shines directly into the subjects face.
  • Shoot several takes of every video.
  • Target time for video is under 3 minutes. [Read more…]

Reporting Upgrade: Free Research Tool

RightNow Communications has provided a major upgrade to the online reporting we provide. In addition to key SEO campaign details such as keyword progress, visitors metrics, engagement statistics and social media interaction, clients will now have access to a complete research tool. Research Central allows users to explore any domain and quickly gather competitive intelligence including organic performance, PPC data, backlink inventory and competitors. This will help you make better marketing and advertising decisions. To add the research tool (at no charge) please contact us for details. We will be upgrading all online reporting to include this tool in the near future. We are also happy to provide a quick personal tutorial to get you up and running quickly!


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Teens Aren’t Buying It

We have been reading, with interest, lately, about teens abandoning Facebook for other social media networks. Apparently, when Mom friends you, the place just isn’t cool anymore. Nor is it, when Fig Newtons want to know, what’s up!

This must be devastating for marketers looking to tap into that market. But for us and the majority of our clients, it’s quite all right! The market for our clients is adults who have money to spend. Our clients are the proverbial “needle in the haystack.” Every fan and follower gained could be our next customer, or at the very least, a new voice extolling our virtues!

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Online Marketing: Social Media vs Search Engines

Is Social Media or Search Engine Marketing more effective? Fortunately you don’t have to choose one; Smart marketers are involved in both! This infographic compares the impact of each marking form on specific audiences or marketing goals.