Audience Shaping at Facebook

Much like website visitor counts, the Facebook Fan count provides one measure of success on the social media channel. As a small business owner we look over at big brands, longingly with their million fanbase and wonder how we’ll ever create a large fanbase of our own. Fortunately, we don’t have to! Quality trumps quantity in this game all together – in more ways than one!

You can, in fact, buy targeted facebook fans… Oh sure, you can pay someone a hundred bucks and they’ll pour in a boatload of people who’s only interest in you was the nickel they earned for clicking your Like button, You won’t be building a business that way though!

You can also run contests. That’s what the big brands do all the time. All those people don’t all love Fritos. They just want the Free Bag coupon. Are contest people going to become customers?

Those are the only two fast ways we know to build an audience. But that’s not why we are here today. We are going to talk about building a fan base that is exactly the kind of person your customer is.

  • Make sure your existing customers know you are on Facebook. Maybe even figure out a way to reward them specifically for liking your page with a 10% off coupon or something.
  • If you are a local brick and mortar business, be sure to set up your business page as a “place” as well. So, people who like to “geo-locate” can check in. This is a viral thing that other people will see.
  • Acting as your business page, go and like as many other local businesses, industry leaders and other pages that are consistent with what your business does. This is a viral thing that other people will see.
  • Do not spam other pages. But it is appropriate to like other business page posts and even comment when you have something genuine to add to the conversation. This is a viral thing that other people will see.
  • Advertise your page on Facebook. Given all the information Facebook has about its users you can target the head of a pin. If you have a good ad that ferrets out the kind of people you are looking for and an attractive, well organized page that they come to, chances are you should get a new like for every 2-3 visitors the ad produces.

None of these strategies are going to create a massive fan base overnight. But, if you treat them with respect, don’t waste their time and deliver solid information they are interested in, chances are when it comes time to make a purchase decision in your universe, you will be top of mind.

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