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Blogging Tips for Improved Search Engine Ranking: Blog Post Structure to Improve SEO

We provide SEO services for our clients blog posts and news feed. If you are inclined to DIY here are some of the critical considerations when blogging for SEO.

    Content – Create targeted content that includes your search term keyword and search phrases. Do not over-use your keyword elements. Blog posts should be between 200-500 words. Consider breaking longer posts in to multiple parts.

    Meta Title Tag – Place your target keyword search terms prominently in the Meta Title tag. Keep the Meta Title around 60 characters.

    Meta Description – While not a factor for SEO ranking, a concise Meta Description will increase the click-thru rate on your blog posts. Keep the Meta Description around 160 characters.

    Categories and Tags – Categories are main topics, so each blog post should be assigned to the most relevant category. Tags should be used to describe key concepts in the blog post.

    Internal Links – Anchor text links should be used in the body of the blog post to direct visitors and search engines to related blog posts.

    Offsite Links – Considering using the rel=nofollow attribute for links pointing outside your domain.

    Inbound Links – Creating inbound anchor text links directly to the single post url will enhance your blog posts placement in the search engine results

    Duplicate Content – Post text should always be broken up so that the single page view is not a duplicate of the home page or category page view.

    Date Microformat – Consider removing date functionality from your blog posts. This will remove the date stamp from the search engine results. Old posts tend to get less clicks, contributing to the deterioration of your ranking.

    Google Standout Tag – Follow Googles guidelines for using this tag to have your content included in Google News.

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David Tucker: Search Engine Optimization, Link Building Strategies, Off-Page SEO, Brand and Reputation Management Campaigns, Structural Analysis, and Analytics Consultant. Fighting the good fight against the search engines since InfoSeek and Alta Vista were the top Internet search portals. David has a strong background in technical, design, and hosting related issues. This provides RightNow clients with a layer of SEO that most organizations can not offer. In addition to SEO work, David has developed the RightNow online client reporting system, public website, email and auto-responder system, and the development + branding of the RightNow social media channels. When not working you can find David enjoying the outdoors in Maui, Hawaii


  1.' kevin blumer says

    I think adding Categories is one of the best things that you can do to help your blog in SEO terms. But no only that it really helps your readers and you have to think of the readers you dont allways have time to read a whole blog so you only read pages.

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