Blogging is Not a Quick Fix!

There is a natural progression in web marketing. We call it “holistic internet marketing.” At first blush, yes, it sounds cliché. If not followed specifically, with commitment, patience and focus that’s all it would be too!

Blogging can be a major component of a holistic internet marketing strategy. Blogging can also be done for other purposes as well. But if you are going to go to the trouble of blogging on a business web site for whatever reason, you might as well do it with SEO being the paramount goal supporting any other reason you might have.

Here are five quick tips to help you blog with purpose on your business web site:

A) Blogging is the easiest way to add content to your web site. Once the software is set up on your site it is very easy for just about anybody to do it. In a perfect SEO world, every blog post should have a link to an existing page on your site. This directs the search engines (and the readers) to dig deeper into your site, which is the first conversion we have to have on the road to business success on the web. Simply, search engines can relate (index) what you are about when you lead them down a path.

B) Clients tell us the hardest part about blogging is coming up with something to say! What the client doesn’t understand is that what they find humdrum, every day information, could be just what someone else is looking to learn. It could also be the information that allows the search engine to index them better. What to write about is easy! Open up your web site analytics. Look at your rankings for terms you need to be found for. If your rank is below a 5 for a term, you’ve found a subject to blog about! Now, create an editorial calendar that you are willing to stick to, whether it is two posts a month or two posts a week and get started.

C) When you first start, it is better to write several posts as an “assignment.” This gets you ahead of the curve. That way, if you add to it every week thereafter, you won’t get behind and always be under the gun to write whether you want to or not. There is no hard and fast rule to how many words constitute a blog post. Nor does it matter! Say what you have to say, long or short. But stop procrastinating and say it!

D) You have to optimize your blog post for it to perform in the search engines who love good quality blog posts and award them as such. When working with clients, rather than attempt to teach them this skill, we ask them just to write to their heart’s content. Put the post(s) into the draft area of the blog and let us know. We come by and optimize the post and schedule its’ release. Optimization is the scientific process of matching the written content to a search term.

E) Bear in mind, blogging is not a quick fix or a band aid for a poorly optimized web site. If you write one post a week, next year at this time you web site will have 52 additional pages of information. If you blog two times a week, well… you get the idea!


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