Blogging is Social Marketing’s First Step

Blogging Essentials

Blogging is really not an option anymore. It is an essential part of the Holistic Internet Marketing pie. In my previous post, I gave you some elementary tips to blog correctly for SEO strategies. In this post, we will take one concept to the next level.

You don’t need to be engaged in Facebook or Twitter to blog. But if you are, the incentive to post a blog regularly is that it provides you with additional content to talk about on your social networks. Of course, the other side to this coin being, the sole intent of a business on a social network is to draw the viewer away from the social network community to the business owners’ own web site.

Fortunately, the things we do with a blog for SEO lend themselves to the strategy of moving people off the closed social networks to our web site! Here are some specific tips to accomplish these tasks:

1) When you create a blog post, the most effective SEO strategy is to have a link to additional information about the subject you are blogging about on your web site. This takes some planning. The page on your web site is static, generic and probably not timely. It should be deep information about a subject. Now, the blog post can be timely! Information about an event or something happening soon. But it doesn’t have to be either. It can be “further” information on a subject too that is static and generic as well. What you are doing for the search engines is building credibility about your affinity to a subject, ie. we said it here on our site and we are saying it here on our blog – it must be important!

2) If possible, make the link text in your blog post, a popular search term about the subject you are relating to.

3) This is no place for fluffy brochure type copy. People are going to be clicking on your links because they believe you have real, hard information to share. You should not rehash what you have already said on your web site about the subject. It is either new information or information that is timely.

4) Research the potential popular search terms that surround the subject you are writing. Create a provocative title tag for the browser title and a meta description that encourages people to click to learn more. At the same time, create a well thought out headline for the post that compliments but does not copy the browser title tag.

5) Add a photo to your post. People are visual. Search engines only read the words. By writing well and offering up a complimentary photo, you serve both. Also, add a “teaser” or page break here. This blocks your post from being duplicate content in the eyes of the search engine. It creates a “read more” link on your main blog page so that the entire post is not duplicated on two pages of your site.

Your completed blog post is ready to publish! Your strategy has now created a new page which supports an existing page on your site and they are linked to each other. This will give the search engines a good path to follow; from the blog to the web site. You now have something strategic to use on your facebook and twitter channels too! You will notice that the creative effort you put into the browser title tag, meta description and photo present your information in an attractive way on Facebook! You’ve just created a holistic internet marketing exposure!


  1. Of course, blogging helps a lot to web marketers and create one’s identity to the world

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