New Year Resolution Has Got to be Blogging!

At new year time, people like to make resolutions. If you make just one resolution for your internet business plan, please, let it be blogging! This is a task many business owners dread. But if they knew what we knew about the power of blogging and SEO, it might be more palatable.

Fact be known, blogging is the single most important thing a small business web site can do to compete on the web today. The search engines are kind of like 24 hour news television. They are hungry for fresh stories. Blogs provide fresh stories to them. So they have gravitated towards scoring blog content highly in their indexes.

Here is the tough part: to be effective with your blog you need to write stories that are going to score well for search terms that will help your business. We call this blogging for SEO purposes.

Our strategy with the blog is to create deeper and varied content that will help support our effort to get higher rankings for specific terms people use to search for what it is you offer. This method of blogging is different from a personal or news type blog in that we are trying to hit some specific goals related to SEO.

The tactics we take when blogging in this way are:

  • writing stories that support other pages of the site
  • linking to those pages with descriptive text links
  • creating deeper content that is “touched” on at the main site pages

This serves two purposes in so doing:

  • SEO rankings
  • providing more information for visitors to read about a specific subject

Just think; if you write just one blog post a week, this time next year, you will have 52 more pages of information on your web site. This could be 52 new ways that people find you on the web. It will also be 52 pages of valuable information for visitors once they arrive on your site!

With our clients, once we are able to get a commitment to blog, our next step is to help them create an editorial calendar. This keeps them focused on what to write about each week and helps with writers block and the excuses that stem from that affliction. Here is a little secret: we derive the editorial calendar from the holes we find in their SEO effort. If they are not being found for an important term that relates to what we offer, that subject goes on the list!

PS: Are you engaged in “all the rage” social media marketing, Facebook, Twitter and the rest? The cornerstone of good social networking is…blogging.

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