A Winning Internet Strategy

Lets peer into a marketing strategy meeting that is going on at a lot of small to medium sized businesses right now. No matter who they are, they believe that their business or service brings a real value to the marketplace.

The hypothetical team is going through a planning process to prepare for the new year.

  1. A budget must be set that is reasonable and can be followed
  2. New or existing vendors need to be identified and brought into the loop
  3. High level creative brainstorming is needed to do better than previous years

The team goes through this exhaustive process that pushes everyone to their limit. A plan is made. What happens next? Many times, we witness… “not much.” Here, the company expends money and hours agonizing over costs and creative ideas to formulate a plan. There may be several services vendors involved to bring all the projects and programs together.

My challenge to you is this; if you are going to expend so much energy on the front end, make sure you save some for the middle and the end. Very often, we see well laid plans that get lost along the way.

Our expertise is the internet. So, I will stop there with the generalizations and be specific now. When working on your web site… you must bring value to the marketplace or risk complete failure with your web marketing. When I proselytise about bringing value, I’m talking about the content of your web pages. Anybody can hire a good web designer who can give the web site a good look. But that is only the cover of the book. It’s what is inside that will make or break you.

  1. Spend the time to create original content on your site. Just cutting and pasting the copy from your brochure will not be sufficient. Your web site is not your brochure. Today, your electronic brochure is probably your Facebook or Twitter account. When people come to your web site you better deliver the goods. You do this by creating deep, deep…deep content about what it is you do and offer to the world.
  2. A web site is not a brochure. When it first goes live on the web is when the work really begins. You have to continually add, update and improve your pages.
  3. If you copy words from somewhere else on the web that is known as plagiarism and the search engines will just filter you out
  4. If the pictures and graphics are less the professional, the first impression a potential customer will have is… MEH!

Make this your business resolution in 2012. Only bring great value to the marketplace. Google will notice and award you and your visitors will know they are working with a quality organization. My brother says I sound like a broken record. I tell him, I am! There is no other method to succeed.

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