Call it Money.

As the search engines continue to mature they are able to ferret out more and more “tricks” that have been used over the years to game the search engine results pages aka SERPS. But throughout all of time with the search engines (20 years) content has always been the #1 way to gain valuable top search engine rankings.


The problem with this is people are always looking for shortcuts because they either don’t have the time, the will, or both to do what’s right. What is right is the act of bringing more value to the table every time you publish a page on the internet. It’s a natural act. If you bring more garbage to the table, you get nothing. If you bring more information about a subject than there was before you did, you will be awarded. Those awards are substantial. They begin with other sites linking to your information. The search engines take notice of this and give you a top search engine position for something you have become an authority about. The end result is that your web site gets more visitors!

From the content you produce and the links that creates, search engines like Google are able to discern who are the “authorities” in verticals and who are the “hubs.” In virtually all general search instances the top positions and nowadays the entire first page is going to be made up of either “hubs” which are sites that specialize in consolidating info about a vertical interest, or “authorities” which are sites that are deemed so because of the depth of their knowledge about a vertical topic as well as the amount of quality sites linking to them.

Being a hub is a business unto itself. But anybody can be an authority. All it takes is a good effort that you are willing to sustain for a long time. It’s not a one-shot deal and there are no shortcuts. It takes research and knowledge to develop a list of potential topics to write about, take pictures of, or create movies for. Then, you need to do the thing. If you cut corners it shows. Most people won’t do it. That is why it works.

There are certain aspects of this build up that can be done properly or improperly. Trying to get your fresh blog post to score for a competitive search term is improper. What else can you do? Forget about putting a crown on that blog post. Instead, create a long-lasting monarchy!

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