Catch a Wave and Ride It!

Some of our SEO clients have been with us five, ten, even fifteen years! The longer your business has been concentrating on being found through internet search, the stronger your position is. Now, along comes Social Media and we are seeing the cycle repeat again. Those who have engaged in this new form of marketing will be that much more ahead of the game than those who come next year and beyond.

The problem for most businesses is a lack of staff. There are just too many processes and strategies to tackle and like the proverbial “deer in the headlights”, it’s pretty easy to put aside that which we do not know.

How can you begin to grapple with the social marketing strategy?

Twitter: Do you have interests? Sure you do! Choose a few topics that interest you and follow them on Twitter. Topics are “tagged” with a hashmark #. You can search for topics using this method or you can automate it with a variety of tools found online. You don’t need a Twitter account to do this. But why not? Who knows, you might have something to contribute to the stream yourself! Twitter is just a news stream from millions of businesses, media outlets and people like you and me.

LinkedIn: This is the “professionals” network. It is a great place to create a profile for a number of reasons. Many people search for jobs. Others market their services. It’s a huge business marketplace and can be very worthwhile. I follow about a half a dozen discussion groups in a variety of industries and have made several contacts and networked solutions for clients via my connections at LinkedIn.

FaceBook: The nemesis of the internet is literally reshaping the way information is discovered and shared on the internet. Many people shy away from it for a variety of reasons. But from a business strategy standpoint, the possibilities are huge…and growing! You don’t have to join Facebook to keep tabs on businesses with a presence there. Type the business name into the search box and if they are participating on Facebook they will appear and you can check out what they are doing. Large brands are going ga-ga over its potential and TV advertising execs are running fast to figure out how they might not get run over by the train.

There are dozens and dozens of other Social Networks. At least, one or two operate in every hobby, pastime, industry and culture you can think of. What you do with it on a personal basis is completely up to you. But what you decide for yourself might not be in the best interest of your business.

Start with small steps and get to know what “its’ all about”. If you don’t have the time to handle a marketing strategy you can hire it out to a company that specializes in internet marketing. But by investigating and engaging even just a little bit on your own you will be that much more ahead of the game.

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