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How Ad Retargeting Works


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Optimizing Your Online Sales Process


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Reporting Changes at RightNow

Online Marketing Reporting System: You Spoke, We Listened!

RightNow clients will notice a change in the reporting delivery and structure over the next 60 days. The core of the issue is this; Reports were delivered on a monthly basis and contained metrics on every aspect of a clients campaign. Sounds great right? Yes and No – Many clients received reports that could include more than 40+ pages. TMI at one time!

The new reporting system will be streamlined, and the goal is to get key metrics to fit on a couple of pages. Additionally, we will be separating core campaign elements into individual reports and delivering them at separate times. The idea is to have comprehensive individual reports for: SEO and Local Search Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Pay-Per-Click, and a Traffic, Engagement and Opportunity report.

In the “olden days” (pre 2011) all of these marketing activities often fell into the wheelhouse of a single person. Today, we are finding that many organizations have staff members that work on only one aspect of the online marketing. Our new system will provide a more focused report to these individuals.

As always, we encourage all clients (and your team members) to get on the phone to review the reporting, campaign performance and campaign objectives.

Our system will continue to be online in one consolidated reporting area, and your log-in credentials will remain the same. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us or shoot us an email.

Local Search – Infographic

Ranking factors that contribute to your success in the search engines local search results. Start at the center (most important) and work your way out.

For a full explanation of terms and ideas visit Web Equity.

Web Equity Infographic
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Partnering for a Winning Web Presence

For most small and medium sized businesses, outsourcing your internet marketing is a necessity, not an option. But with each passing year of internet maturation, the process becomes incrementally more complex. We have found that the clients who are more interested in partnering with us, versus those who choose to “set it and forget it” are the ones keeping up with the pack. An online marketing partnership and a commitment to collaboration is a powerful, winning combination.

Today’s internet process looks very different from the one used just five years ago. Very often, now, we see clients embarking on their second and even third generation web site. We see them flogging themselves in the social world… haggard and harried… the only thing that is certain is that there is not enough time in the day to get it all done. [Read more…]