E-commerce – Don’t You Just Hate Some Countries?

Link-A-Billy Dave @ NetraficLooking for less traffic? Want your site de-optimized, un-SEO’ed, and basically unreachable? Sounds crazy, but that was the topic of a recent request here at Netrafic.

E-commerce shopping sites have a huge problem with fraudulent credit card orders. This activity can account for as much as 30% of orders that request shipment outside the USA. If you own a shopping cart site that processes credit cards; you already deal with this on a daily basis.

Here is an easy solution to prevent the fraudsters from ever reaching your site – block an entire country with a few key strokes! Russia – Gone! Africa – No More Traffica! China – No Soup for You! The website Country IP Blocks allows you (or your webmaster) to select entire countries by IP Range. This can be added to your .htaccess file, and will prevent visitors from the selected country from ever visiting your site.

Of course if you ship internationally, you have to pick and choose carefully. Let ROI versus incidence of fraud be your guide. Some countries can be a gold-mine for your products… just make sure its not a fools-gold-mine!