Sudden Google Analytics Bounce Rate Change

One of the most widely misinterpreted metrics in Google Analytics is the Bounce Rate measurement. Many clients want to know if their websites Bounce Rate is “good or bad.” The overall average website Bounce Rate is of very little value as a standalone metric. This is because there are so many factors that contribute to the average Bounce Rate. Single website page metrics are much more valuable to your marketing efforts than website averages.

Bounce Rate Definition, “Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions or visits (i.e. sessions in which the visitor left your website from the entrance page without interacting with the page).

One on the areas where average Bounce Rate is useful is diagnosing sitewide issues. When we observe that your website metrics are abnormally high or low, or experience a sudden increase or decrease it is a sure sign that something has run amok. [Read more…]

Google Analytics Not Provided vs Not Set Data

Web marketers that are trying to determine how visitors are reaching their site have an ever-increasing challenge. As we reported a year ago, Google has stopped passing the keyword data that is associated with the web search by visitors that are logged into their Google accounts when they perform a search. This results in the keyword data being lumped into a category called Not Provided.

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Google Analytics Benchmarks [infographic]

“How do our Google Analytics metrics compare to other websites?” We hear this question frequently! Visitor and engagement statistics vary depending on market and content type. In the past we have used our experience and the annual numbers that Google provides to help clients gauge how they stack up from a benchmark perspective. Thanks to our friends (with the cute name) at KISSmetrics for setting up an infographic that shows Google Analytics averages.

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Use Analytics to Improve Campaign Targeting

We can all agree that Analytics is an excellent tool for measuring the progress of your SEO and online marketing efforts. However, the true value is not collecting all that visitor data, but what you do with it to improve your marketing, targeting and ROI. This excellent video by Rand at SEOMOZ clearly highlights some areas of Google Analytics that you can focus on, and explains some key concepts in an easy to understand format.

If you need additional help with interpreting your Analytics data give us a call! This service is an included part of your SEO plan if you are a RightNow client.


Google Analytics Review

Google Analytics Review

As a regular part of your SEO Campaign we review and report on your Google Analytics metrics. We are looking for trends, changes, strong spots, weaknesses, and comparisons to previous reporting periods.

In addition, some clients request expanded analysis, training, and research. This extended service is covered as part of the cost of your organic search engine optimization campaign.

Give us a call! We would be happy to schedule a review, and can target any specific marketing or conversion goals that are important to your organization

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Google Analytics Training

Most marketing, sales, and management data is delivered via our regular SEO reporting. Some advanced metrics and research is not available, and will require digging into your Google Analytics.

We have has several large organizations request training on Google Analytics. The goals of these trainings range from basic interpretation, to advanced research and report generation techniques.

Here is the simple process necessary to get everybody in your group up and running with Google Analytics. Please note that people with these access permissions will have full access to view all of your websites online marketing statistics and history.

#1 – Create a Google Account and Gmail email address if you don’t already have one. Visit to set-up a new Google account.

#2 – Send your Gmail email account address to the person coordinating your training seminar. We just need your email address, not your Google Account log-in details.

#3 – Wait for a return email saying your Google account has access to Analytics.

#4 – Log into your Google account and then Sign into Google Analytics by visiting and click the blue “Access Analytics” button. You will see the accounts you have permission to view.

When everybody on your team is up and running we will schedule a training and overview teleconference. If anybody develops questions prior to this phone call please hold them until the conference call so they can be answered for everybody in the group.

The cost for group training is covered for our clients as part of the SEO campaign.