Optimizing Your Online Sales Process


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Online Marketing: Social Media vs Search Engines

Is Social Media or Search Engine Marketing more effective? Fortunately you don’t have to choose one; Smart marketers are involved in both! This infographic compares the impact of each marking form on specific audiences or marketing goals.

Do Not Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

As an SEO company we feel “mighty proud” when a clients’ search engine referral traffic is up year over year. That means we are doing a good job; bringing them more traffic from search engines! As a marketer, though, I get concerned when I see the other source of traffic, referrals, is just a small slice of their monthly visitors.

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Don’t Forget Your Chamber of Commerce When Devising Your Marketing Plan

One of our first clients when we got started back in the mid 1990’s was a small town chamber of commerce. Since then, we have always had a couple chambers in our fold. They are fun to work with. People who work at chambers just tend to be really passionate, hard working people!

Estes Park C of C Photo

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A Winning Internet Strategy

Lets peer into a marketing strategy meeting that is going on at a lot of small to medium sized businesses right now. No matter who they are, they believe that their business or service brings a real value to the marketplace.

The hypothetical team is going through a planning process to prepare for the new year.

  1. A budget must be set that is reasonable and can be followed
  2. New or existing vendors need to be identified and brought into the loop
  3. High level creative brainstorming is needed to do better than previous years

The team goes through this exhaustive process that pushes everyone to their limit. A plan is made. What happens next? Many times, we witness… “not much.” Here, the company expends money and hours agonizing over costs and creative ideas to formulate a plan. There may be several services vendors involved to bring all the projects and programs together. [Read more…]

It’s the Sum of the Parts

By now, if you have been involved in marketing a business on the internet for any amount of time, you’ve realized there is no single powerful secret to world wide web success. Instead, it is a never-ending process of strategy planning followed by execution. Once you have created all of the necessary ingredients you have to feed them and engage them in activities designed to draw interested people towards your brand.

Each component takes time to develop before it can fully assist in the holistic process:

a) 2.0 web site that is SEO friendly and capable of expansion and change by the owner. Once built, regular updating and buildout required. Increasingly, it needs to be functional on a mobile device. [Read more…]