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Google Algorithm Update Factors Mobile Into The Equation

Google Mobile FriendlyIn this post we will sum up the impending Google Mobile Apocalypse.

Google has announced that “mobile friendliness” will now be part of the search ranking formula starting in April 2015. Like most major Google updates there has been a lot of people online shouting that “the sky is falling” and quit possibly “the end is near.” This happens with almost every notable Google shift. Search marketing and web development companies are leading the online charge to “fear” business owners into making buying decisions.

The Bottom Line: This IS Important. Not “sky falling” important, but the update will effect your online visitation depending on your market and competition.

What Does Google Mobile Friendly Mean? For inbound mobile traffic (primarily handheld smart phones) Google will now give a higher priority to websites that deliver an enhanced mobile experience. There are hundreds of search ranking factors, and they will still be in play. Even IF your site is not mobile friendly you will still be included in the search results depending on competition and your Authority in the marketplace.

Important! This Google change only impacts visitation from mobile users.

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Create a Mobile Website – Quick and Free!

I was recently presented with one of my favorite web challenges; How to do something for nothing.

One of my “starving musician” projects was selected to perform a showcase set at the Los Angeles Film Festival for music industry people. The artist’s website was designed using a large amount of Adobe Flash. The site looks great in a browser, but visiting via a mobile device delivers an awful rendering. Flash is not supported by most mobile machines, including iPhone and Android powered devices. Instead of delivering the rich media experience developed in Flash, mobile devices display the “Blue Cube” of death. Not a good first impression! [Read more…]

Email to Cell Phone

Have you ever wanted to send a quick email to someones cell phone but did not want to take the time to peck out the message on your phone? Me too! I may be the last person on earth to know this – You can send an email to cell phone directly from any computer.

You need to know two bits of information; first the recipients cell phone number, second the cell phones service provider. If you don’t know what cellular company provides the service then just type the phone number into the Reverse Phone Directory and it will list the cell phone service provider. If you don’t know the cell number then why would you want to send an email to text message anyway?
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Optimize Your iPhone App

Does your team have an iPhone Ap that’s in the works? Make sure to get us involved prior to release! We are currently working with several iPhone Apps that are in the various stages of development and the release cycle.

While there are no real SEO consideration to be made in the design phase, choosing the correct path during the submission process is critical. You do not optimize the App for the Search Engines; You optimize it for the Apple iTunes App Store.

The challenge is describing your new App to searchers on the App Store network because of the limited amount of title, keyword, and description space provided during submission. Furthermore, after the App is submitted and released, you can not go back and change this data until you make an update to the App itself.

Clients of RightNow Communications – feel free to contact us if you are considering (or working on) an iPhone App. We can help!

The New Google – How Does Your Site Rank?

Google’s new search tool is in beta testing right now, called Google Caffeine. This will eventually replace the current search tool on The stated goal of the product is to deliver more relevant search results, as quickly as possible. That’s the short version, you can read the whole enchilada over at the Google Webmaster Blog or view an independent Caffeine speed test.

So what does this mean for RightNow clients? Well, we certainly like the faster part. The “more relevant” part sounds good also, but remember that it is a mathematical equation that determines relevancy. Google takes hundreds of factors (yes hundreds!) about every site to determine which web sites belong at the top of the heap for any given search term.

Initial tests show RightNow client’s sites performing well in the new Google. Remember that Google is still tweaking the ranking factors, so the public release will be different than the current version.

I was hesitant to place this note in our monthly newsletter. Inevitability someone is going to run this tool and come to the conclusion that the sky is falling! If you see something that concerns you, just pick up the phone and call us — that’s why you hired RightNow as your professional SEO consultant.

Here are two tools to test how your site performs in the new Google Search tool.

  • Perform a Side by Side Comparison
  • Go Directly to Google Caffeine Beta
  • Questions? Call Us!