RightNow Communications Celebrates 20 Years of Online Marketing

ceblarIt was 1995 when RightNow Communications opened its doors to provide marketing help to small and medium sized businesses. We started in a very small community, high in the Colorado Rockies when The Aspen Skiing Company bought Aspen Highlands Ski Area, where Chris had been the Sales Director. A new client asked us to build them a web site for an emerging media, people, were calling the world wide web! We lost our shirt building that site for a sushi restaurant and the rest is history… we never built another site. Instead we had an epiphany; how would anybody find all these web sites on this web? [Read more…]

What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been!

In 1973, Chris was a young man, making his initial way in the world as a student at the University of Montana and the Manager of a local ski shop. He got the chance to go to the big ski show in Las Vegas. And thus began a long run in an industry that has also been very much a part of his life.

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What We Are Working On… RightNow!

RightNow Communications
RightNow Communications

The Mastermind Experience

An error we see being made by small business owners and entrepreneurs is that they go it alone when they don’t have to. Some think they are too busy to have trivial meetings intended to review progress and shape future actions. In fact they are very busy, but perhaps, “can’t see the forest from the trees.”

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Partnering for a Winning Web Presence

For most small and medium sized businesses, outsourcing your internet marketing is a necessity, not an option. But with each passing year of internet maturation, the process becomes incrementally more complex. We have found that the clients who are more interested in partnering with us, versus those who choose to “set it and forget it” are the ones keeping up with the pack. An online marketing partnership and a commitment to collaboration is a powerful, winning combination.

Today’s internet process looks very different from the one used just five years ago. Very often, now, we see clients embarking on their second and even third generation web site. We see them flogging themselves in the social world… haggard and harried… the only thing that is certain is that there is not enough time in the day to get it all done. [Read more…]

RightNow Communications Reporting Features

Reporting Features Available To You Now

Did You Know? The RightNow Communications Suite of Reporting Tools Includes:

Online Access – Log in 24/7 to review your campaign.

iOS App – Apple users can load our Reporting App on their iPhone, iPad, or iTouch and receive key metrics in real time.

Social Media Stats – Visitor and conversion tracking and statistics from your FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

Email Campaign Integration – Select email systems can deliver mailing results directly to our reporting system such as delivery rates, open rates, and click-thrus.

Media Monitoring – Our clipping and alert service can watch for online mentions of your business or domain name and collect them in an easy to read report.

Competition Spy – Automatically keep an eye on key competitors.

International Results – The search engines serve different results in each part of the world. If your product or service targets foreign soil we can report on specific regional results.

History – A complete progress and results history for each search term is available online.

BaseCamp Integration – The popular project management tool BaseCamp is now an integrated piece of the reporting pie