Social Media is Now an SEO Ranking Factor

Links back to your website from social media and bookmarking sites have always contributed to your website’s organic SEO strength. Now the Search Engines have confirmed that they are using additional social media data as part of the organic ranking equation. Currently, the primary space they are using in their ranking calculations are Twitter and Facebook. The number of Followers, Likes, ReTweets, embedded links, and link popularity of your social media pages all are purported to be factors. [Read more…]

Big Changes in Google Search

Google has made a number of aggressive changes to the way search results are displayed when the search term includes a City and/or State. This is going to have a direct impact on your business if you target search terms that include physical locations.

What Has Changed – Google has introduced “Place Search” as a replacement for Local Search. The familiar 7 Pack Map Grouping at the top of the page has been eliminated. The map now resides in the right sidebar. The Local Listings have been integrated into the search results. In many cases this has displaced organic results, pushing top 10 listings on to the second page of the search engine results.

Who This Will Effect: [Read more…]

Google Instant… Just Add SEO!

Google introduced its latest version of internet fast food last week, aka, Google Instant. Its less filling but tastes great folks! Seriously, though, the amount of teeth gnashing and heart trembling

that proceeded this announcement was truly comical. The horror of it all. The end of SEO. Death of the web. The burial of search… none of it true. In fact, the salient bits of this “news” have been appearing, albeit individually for some time now over at the GooglePlex.

I perform a lot of search queries every day in the course of our business. I was happy to see that turning off Instant was very easy to do and took advantage of the offer quite quickly. Frankly, Instant, for me, was just adding more distraction to my “experience”. [Read more…]

The More Things Change…

Yea, you know the rest of that coined phrase… But let me get to the point. As we march towards 20 years of the internet it’s easy to point at the remarkable changes shaping the way we use this resource. For us in the SEO trenches, perhaps the biggest difference between then and now is the shear magnitude of competition. Back then 1 in 100 websites might have a form of SEO that helped the search engines deliver relevant results. Now its probably 1 in 10. Nowadays, you can’t tinker at it and you need to seriously employ a variety of strategies.

Fifteen years ago it was very hard to find a firm that could build a web site in what we call a search engine friendly way. Today, more programmers are sensitive to the short comings of a search engine spider and are capable of building to the specifications of a set of search goals layed out before them. But that doesn’t guarantee your next web site will be a search engine friendly site unless you have an “advocate” consultant making sure. We work with a variety of very large and sophisticated web development companies as well as small shops all around the country. When we tell them what we want, the answer 99% of the time is, oh sure we can do it like that. You have to understand that there are limitless ways to have a page display. But only some of them work well with search engines.

[Read more…]

RightNowosphere Media Marketing

Google recently added a real time widget to their Search Results Pages (SERPs) in an effort to integrate the growing volume of social media, breaking news, and blogosphere content into the Google Index. The Google Real Time search widget is triggered when the volume of content in the RightNowosphere reaches a certain trending and distribution level. We have experimented over here at RightNow and it is possible to trigger the Real Time display box with a few well placed search term targeted content releases in key channels. Without sustained content support the display box is short lived.

The primary content sources that have been observed in the display are Twitter, press and news websites, plus active blogs and news release sites that deliver an RSS Feed. In addition, press releases and article distribution sites have made appearances in the Google Real Time results.

What This Means to You:

First, we have always and continue to recommend that your online marketing efforts include at a minimum, a blog or news element for content building and link development reasons. Potential inclusion in Real Time Search is another great reason to make sure you have a correctly installed blog or news system in your arsenal. Regular content releases will naturally get distributed in the live results creating additional traffic, and a broader search term base.

Additionally, it is time to consider Twitter; We are seeing actual traffic conversion (revenue!) in certain markets. The key is to have a long term SMM plan that builds your audience, leverages all your web assets, and delivers regular targeted communications. With Twitter you have to be “In It to Win It” and that means a full time effort.

Don’t know where to start?

We can point your blog or SMM plan in the RightNow-o-Sphere direction – Contact Us.

Is Your Website Standing On One Leg?

Link-a-Billy Dave Talks Sales

If your site has been dropping in the search engines for a search term that you have traditionally performed well for, read on…

There is no way to sugar-coat the message in this article; It is almost impossible for your website to be competitive anymore if you are not engaged in a link building campaign, and adding fresh content to your website.

There are hundreds of factors that the search engines use to determine the indexing position for a given search term. Some factors are minor, but two are major – Links and Content.

Links – Your sites link profile can be as much as 50% of the equation in ranking your website. For competitive search terms, you will not arrive on the front page if you do not have links that support your website for that search term. The top SEO practitioners recently created an SEO success map, there was 100% agreement that Linking is one of the top contributing factors to ranking success. There was also complete agreement that poor linking practices can kill a website. For more on link building please read What Are Links and In Link We Trust.

Netrafic Offers a Complete Link Building Strategy – Contact Us

Content – Your sites content profile can be as much as 50% of the equation in ranking your website. The search engines will no longer consider a few pages of content on a subject to be authoritative for highly competitive search terms. In addition, content freshness is being given additional weight today. If makes sense that a top website on a given subject should have a wealth of topical content and new information would be added on a regular basis. Content is primarily text. Graphics, Media, and Flash are also minor considerations, but there is no replacement for text. An important note – text built anywhere other than on your websites primary domain does not count. Its not worthless, but it does not count toward building your site as far as the search engines are concerned.

Netrafic Offers Content Building Strategies – Contact Us

The above assumes that your website design is already search engine friendly, and some other key elements are in place. It is a generalization given the complexity and competitive nature of the search results race. Here is what you need to take away from this article – even if you are perfect in one area (links or content) it is still possible to fail. You need the complete package. You can not count of your past success in the search engines to continue if you don’t get in the game.