Creating a Video for Your Business


If you plan on filming this yourself; By following these tips you will create a video file that has clear video and audio qualities.

  • Write scripted talking points to follow.
  • Create the highest quality video file possible by shooting in HD.
  • Position the camera so that the speaker fills the frame.
  • Use a tripod to position the camera.
  • Be aware of the background and avoid distracting elements.
  • Shoot in a location that has no background noise or ambient sound.
  • Use an external microphone if possible.
  • Avoid harsh lighting such as sunlight, or lighting that shines directly into the subjects face.
  • Shoot several takes of every video.
  • Target time for video is under 3 minutes. [Read more…]

Aerial Imaging Video Production

The crew here at RightNow is fortunate to come in contact (and collaborate) with some very talented individuals. Web developers, graphic designers, programmers, writers, musicians, photographers and multimedia production people. We recently came across an aerial video production company that captures incredible footage using remote control helicopters.

Video shot from altitude has instant impact, and tells the story in a way that other perspectives just can’t. Because the video is shot from a quiet electric RC helicopter, you can capture imagery that is not feasible with traditional methods. Low altitude flights are possible in most environments, with very little noise or safety concerns. The company, Aerial Imaging Productions is based in Colorado and will engage in projects located in most Western States. The company offers complete video production services, from story-boarding the concept, to post-production and final delivery.

Contact Aerial Imaging Productions or Call RightNow for an introduction. We can combine video SEO and placement for your completed project.

PPC Advertising – Youtube Promoted Videos

YouTube receives a mind-blowing number of viewers every day. So much traffic in fact, that it is worth pursuing as an advertising platform. If you have a product or service that people search for on Youtube, then you may have a winner on your hands!

What Type of Businesses Convert from Youtube Promoted Videos? Local Services, Destinations, Travel Products, Consumer Goods, Entertainment, Real Estate, Download’s, and Software!

How It Works: The YouTube Promoted Video platform works very much like Google Adwords advertising. You choose relevant keywords that you want to target, set a daily budget amount that you want to spend, and select which one of your videos that you want to appear. That’s the rub; You need to have a video uploaded to Youtube. If you don’t have video yet you need to move that to the top of your “to do” list! The great news; The CPM and Click Cost for YouTube is relatively low compared to other types of online advertising. [Read more…]

The New Google – How Does Your Site Rank?

Google’s new search tool is in beta testing right now, called Google Caffeine. This will eventually replace the current search tool on The stated goal of the product is to deliver more relevant search results, as quickly as possible. That’s the short version, you can read the whole enchilada over at the Google Webmaster Blog or view an independent Caffeine speed test.

So what does this mean for RightNow clients? Well, we certainly like the faster part. The “more relevant” part sounds good also, but remember that it is a mathematical equation that determines relevancy. Google takes hundreds of factors (yes hundreds!) about every site to determine which web sites belong at the top of the heap for any given search term.

Initial tests show RightNow client’s sites performing well in the new Google. Remember that Google is still tweaking the ranking factors, so the public release will be different than the current version.

I was hesitant to place this note in our monthly newsletter. Inevitability someone is going to run this tool and come to the conclusion that the sky is falling! If you see something that concerns you, just pick up the phone and call us — that’s why you hired RightNow as your professional SEO consultant.

Here are two tools to test how your site performs in the new Google Search tool.

  • Perform a Side by Side Comparison
  • Go Directly to Google Caffeine Beta
  • Questions? Call Us!

    YouTube Insight – Analytics for Video

    YouTube added a nice little feature to its user interface recently called YouTube Insight. YT account owners can now get some basic metrics on how many visitors each video is getting, plus demographics and popularity by region.

    The new information can be accessed by logging into your Tube account, and clicking on the “Account” tab, then click on the “Insight” link, located on the right-hand side.

    The most important tab from an SEO perspective is the “Discovery” tab that was added today. This shows how people are finding your video. Netrafic clients will see a high number of visits from the search engines, as video we work with is designed to be found for specific key terms related to your business segment.

    Don’t have any video up on YouTube yet? — Here is the best place to start on your first YouTube Video

    My YouTube Video Has No Sound

    Link-A-Billy Dave @ NetraficAll of a sudden I was not getting the sound out of YouTube video that was embedded into my website. When I visited the YouTube site directly, the video with sound played fine.

    I used the Adobe Flash Uninstaller, removed Flash 9, and reinstalled Adobe Flash 10. This did not fix the problem – NO JOY! Note that this step works for many people.

    I then found this handy Solution to Fix Flash Video on – Fixed!