Don’t Forget Your Chamber of Commerce When Devising Your Marketing Plan

One of our first clients when we got started back in the mid 1990’s was a small town chamber of commerce. Since then, we have always had a couple chambers in our fold. They are fun to work with. People who work at chambers just tend to be really passionate, hard working people!

Estes Park C of C Photo

These days we have three resort chambers that we work with; Estes Park and Steamboat Springs, CO, plus Sun Valley, Idaho. We also have worked with Destination Colorado, who is a statewide collective for many years. Our relationship with these dynamic organizations is going on more than five years. During that time we have gone through complete staff changes, web site upgrades, untenable membership management software and a variety of challenges keeping the ship headed in the right direction. It’s part of what makes our work with these types of entities so exciting. You never know what is going to happen next!

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for these small organizations is that they are small and can have limited resources. In resorts, their main charge is to bring in more tourist business while supporting the entire business community at the same time. That is no easy task. Especially, if the software used to create a database of online listings for the businesses is completely unfriendly to the needs of search engine optimization. The good news here is that the companies providing this type of software are maturing as well and beginning to develop software that works better for search indexing.

Steamboat Springs Chamber Photo

If you haven’t joined your local chamber of commerce yet, we recommend it be the next marketing move you make. Just the networking possibilities make the expense worth it. Getting a link from the chamber site to your site is worth even more these days. And finally, consumers tend to check chamber rosters for a business or service they are in need of!

We take great pride in being the SEO agency for chamber of commerce and visitor bureau organizations. We’ve been involved with them for years and years. You could say it is in our blood. After all, our mother was a Chamber Director when we were kids! So, we’ve been kicking around committee meetings since we were knee-high to a grasshopper!

Classic Sun Valley Chamber Photo

This year alone, we are helping one chamber deploy a new SEO friendly member directory. Another is in the final stages of a new site deployment and another is preparing for a completely new web site coming in 2013.  Just what services do we provide chambers?

  • Site usability and design consulting
  •  On page search engine optimization
  • Off page search engine optimization and local search alignment
  • Blog development, creation, editing and ongoing support
  • Content development
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Social media marketing and advertising

No chamber, DMO, or community organization is too big or too small for our services. If you like personal service like you give out yourselves, contact us for more information.

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