Content: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

We have come a long way in the past four tutorials. If you’ve done it all yourself, it’s taken months and months of effort. If you’ve built a team, what I am about to tell you will be exciting. If not, well… it’s not like I didn’t tell you at the very onset of this project, right? The key here, in order to “do it right,” it is going to take a team to cover all of the various bases properly. Some tasks can be and must be performed inhouse. Others are better left to your professional consultants.

You’ve built the foundation for your web presence. Now, you need to feed the operation with fresh content. All of your web assets are insatiable! Content comes in many forms but can be broken down into three categories; words, pictures, video. The exciting thing about all content is it is multidimensional. What helps you keep your social audience happy, will also increase the potential for better and/or more search presence. It all goes hand in hand and I believe I coined the phrase, “holistic internet marketing,” feeds off of itself exponentially!

Words can be the most cantankerous content to come by. It takes someone time to write. The writing must be be well written, of original nature and bring value to the table. That is a tall order but we must write! The best way we have found this to work for our clients is for them to give us bullet points and ideas about subject matter which we in turn, craft into writing. Good writing isn’t cheap. But it is worth every penny. If you like to write, congrats! Lets roll up our shirtsleeves… At a bare minimum you need 3-4 blog posts a month written to an SEO oriented editorial calendar. Additionally, every page of your existing web site needs to be evaluated and rewritten, tuned up, added to, etc at least once a year. You should also plan to grow your web site by 5-10% in static page content supporting your existing site structure annually.

Pictures are easy to take and help sell all those words! You use pictures for many reasons in the marketing of your business. Now, with social networking, pictures set the tone, personality and conversation on a daily basis. Studies have shown that Facebook posts without a picture are virtually a waste of time for businesses. From time to time you may need some professional photography work for your business. But day in and day out, one of the things the inhouse team needs to do is take a variety of pictures.

Video is pictures on steroids. A great YouTube video has the opportunity to hit a veritable internet home run when created by a team who understands what it takes to accomplish that. The great news is video does not have to mean expensive equipment, production and personnel anymore. Having some professional work done from time to time is great. But once again, day in and day out, little “phone vignettes” can set a tone and personality, give quick instructions or thanks – the possibilities for video and web marketing are limitless!

In a team atmosphere, once a month,  get together with everyone and review the results of the previous month and set goals for the next month. It gets things done! Month in and month out you build on the previous effort, which in time, gains some serious momentum!

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