Facebook Advertising is a Big LIKE!

We have been engaged in pay-per-click advertising for so long we actually coined the name, “pay-for-visitor” (PFV) way back in the 90’s. Suffice to say, PPC beat out PFV as the acronym we now know and use today. Never the less, we have been around the block! When Overture kicked off way back when, we were one of the first consultants to recommend it as a strategy for our clients. Those were the days when you could scoop up visitors for a dime a piece on average. Oh! those were the days!

But then, Yahoo bought Overture and the game was on. Soon, it was toe to toe in the trenches with stalwart Overture/Yahoo up against a new startup that called itself Google. As with many things Yahoo touches, they didn’t do much more than milk Overture for all it was worth. But Google saw an even larger opportunity and dove headlong into creating various means of slicing and dicing the demographic data they had. We were finally able to do some targeting! Of course, Microsoft felt the need to change its’ name to Bing in a feeble attempt to disassociate itself from its’ horrible attempts in pretty much all things internet. In so doing, they bought the Yahoo paid search advertising platform and rolled it into their sorry lot. We tried and tried to work with the “business center” platform, to no avail. It didn’t work well, still doesn’t, and frankly, the market had already moved to Google. We still don’t recommend the Bing/Yahoo paid search advertising unless a client just can’t spend any more money at Google and is still looking to spend more!

Now, along has come Facebook. It’s a viable marketing channel for just about any web site owner. It wasn’t hard for them to figure out they could monetize every page with small advertisements. In the beginning their advertiser interface was horrible, to say the least! But over time it has improved and with the recent upgrade has become quite robust. The exciting thing about Facebook though lies in how much it knows about its’ visitors. After all, we pretty much spill the beans at Facebook. We tell our age, gender, education, location just to start our pages. Then we go on day after day to reveal more and more about ourselves…

This is where Facebook gets exciting: You can target your ad very precisely. Do you only want to reach women who are 30-50, live on the east side of town and love to shop for shoes? Bingo! This is just the tip of the iceberg though… we can goad people into clicking on our ads by letting them know which friends of theirs already “likes” us! Powerful stuff!

There are two ways to advertise on Facebook; you can either send them to your Facebook page, or you can send them to your web site. There are strategic reasons to do one or the other, or both!

We are very excited about the possibilities with this growing advertising platform and encourage you to jump in. For our clients, we can add it on to your existing Google Adwords campaigns we are running. We can also saddle it up with our Facebook management program we are running for about 25% of our existing clients. Whatever the case, like the early days of Overture, its an early adopter time, now ripe with low hanging fruit for the picking!

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