Facebook Fad More Likely to be a Trend

Ok, all right. So, there wasn’t a RightNow Communications Facebook Fan Page until very recently. We just can’t be early adopters ALL the time… It’s not like we haven’t been deep in the trenches working Facebook for some time now. Clients prodded us into Farmville over a year ago and it has been an eye opening experience to say the least.

At the dawn of internet time, the original intentions of it’s creators was the desire to put the power in the hands of the people. Of course, business was not far behind. And at the end of its first commercial decade (2005) it was pretty much looking like “the big boys” were going to take it away from the people. But lo and behold, a couple different parties began to experiment with a social networking type format delivered in a real time stream and voila – power to the people returned with a vigor not seen before.

Today, business can play a part on the internet but its’ got to play by the rules of the people. This demands the business to understand, evaluate and deploy a presence on the major social

networks of the internet. We are expected to be there when people want us. If we want to succeed at this new form of business, we also need to know when to shut up and listen. Because, unlike old school marketing, we just can’t push our message out into the marketplace of these networks. We need to position and deliver value to the podium and ultimately listen to what our audience is saying. In short, social networking requires a level of commitment to be patient and develop a relationship versus just sell, sell, sell!

At our Facebook page it is our hope that our clients who are also on Facebook will join us there in the town square. We can discuss, commiserate and debate this new world we operate in and together, solve challenges we all face operating a business in today’s e-world.

See you over there!

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