FaceBook Marketing Services Expand

Two years ago, we began to offer FaceBook marketing services to our clients in addition to our search engine optimization and marketing services. We now handle the presence for several clients on FaceBook, working together with them to increase audience size and develop relationships with their fans.

It’s only natural that we are expanding what we offer on FaceBook as the medium grows and matures.

Custom Business Pages: First impressions on FaceBook are very important to growing your audience there – and you are only as effective there at cultivating business as the size of your audience is! We create comprehensive custom business pages that people who have never been to your page before see. It encourages them to “Like” your business and provides them with more info than just a “wall page” or “information page” can. We offer this service to new and existing FaceBook marketing clients at a very affordable price!

Facebook Advertising: One of the best ways we have found to build a FaceBook audience is through FaceBook advertising. For as little as $100 a month we can acquire dozens of new fans interested in what it is you offer. While it is possible to advertise your web site itself, we find the most effective use of advertising on FaceBook to be audience building. This takes a long term view at building meaningful relationships with customers and prospects which is what a FaceBook strategy is all about.

It’s hard for small business to keep up with all the changes going on in social media these days. We take the learning curve and sheer drudgery of participating out of the picture to provide quality turn-key services that allow you to keep doing what you do best; run your business!

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