FaceBook Took My Audience Away !@#$%

Have you been concentrating on getting your business more exposure through Facebook? Good for you! It’s a great way to build relationships. Have you noticed that less and less of the audience you have built is actually seeing your messages in their newsfeed? That’s not so good, is it?


As you probably have noticed, nothing stays the same for long. Facebook itself is keenly aware of that and certainly doesn’t want people to tire of their platform or get overwhelmed by it. As a matter of fact, along the way, Facebook wants to earn billions of dollars too! Who wouldn’t with a billion plus users spending countless hours on it? Still, a lot of business owners don’t understand what the game is with social networks. We’ll say it again;  you are only as successful on a social network as the size of your audience is. Think of it this way: if you had a mailing list with 100 people on it, how many people would respond to your solicitation? The answer is not very many. It takes a large audience to push the needle on any given message you may have.

So, very few of your Facebook fans are seeing your posts anymore. This situation is not going to get better. You can buy eyeballs by advertising, or “boosting” your posts. But now we are talking budgets, not just time allocation. Do you hate to have to pay for “reach” on Facebook? Get over it. It’s here to stay. You’d be surprised how much better your reach would be if you spent $50 a month to boost your best posts. In fact we advertise for our clients in two ways on Facebook now; we run ads to get people to “like” the page and we boost posts that are likely to get people to click through. That click through goes back to the client web site where analytics tracks a visitor who arrived from… Facebook!

What else can you do to combat audience erosion at Facebook? Do what we have been telling you to do for years now… Do not build a presence on just one social network. That’s like playing internet roulette! What if the social network you choose changes the rules, like Facebook has, or worse yet, they just disappear, leaving you with nothing to show from your efforts.

Staking a claim on Facebook is just the first step in creating a growing presence for your brand. It is internet suicide to not be building a presence on GooglePlus. Regardless of whether your mother is there or not, this is a major league destination in the internet social world and the implications for the future require that you get busy… now! As well, Twitter, continues to dazzle the world. It can work for your business too… but not without a strong effort to build an interested audience. Is your business a professional service type of thing? Then, you better be building an audience on Linked-In. Chances are it is where your customers are. Is your business visual? Are you building an audience on Instagram and Pinterest then?

For many consumers, these social networks are THEIR internet. It’s where they spend all of their time on the web. They are asking questions and getting recommendations from friends and coworkers. Do not make the mistake of building a presence on one network. Choose several if you can. But certainly do not place all of your eggs in one basket. Building a presence is not easy. Its every bit as hard as running a business. If you cant do it all yourself, that’s where we come in!

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