Facebook Works! Real World Example

Facebook is roaring ahead with no let-up in sight.

If you doubt it’s potential you need not look any further than the recent developments in Egypt to feel its’ white-hot power.

But you are a business and business is tough. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Good employees are hard to come by. Taxes are too high and… hey, someone forgot to turn off the coffeepot again…ack!

It’s all true. In the real world you just don’t have time to take on ¬†another marketing task… or do you? You’ve now waited till all of the early adopters are in. How much longer can your business afford for you to decide to jump in?

The reason why I ask this is that I know you don’t even know what Facebook is all about. Let me relate to you a little story: A couple days ago I bought a new BBQ grill; a Weber at Lowe’s. It was on sale and I couldnt resist. It was the last one they had. They didnt have the roller cart for it or a cover. But I figured I could find them online. I got home and went to the Weber website. There I found what appeared to be outdated and confusing information. I had questions. I could email them and hope it got to the right department. I could call them but I really don’t like music-on-hold that much. So, I went to Facebook and typed “weber.” There was “weber grills” and their 47,000 fans all chattin it up about BBQ. Gee… I liked them and posted my question about which was the proper cart and cover. Wham… Weber answered my question before I could close the browser and pointed me at a 5% discount for Facebook Fans.

Hello? You tell me how you can afford to not get involved. Ok, you are right, the early going for a small business on Facebook is lonely drudgery. You aren’t Weber. But you are an entrepreneur. Has anything been easy? Don’t have the time? I can understand that. You can hire a consultant to help you know! And in fact, that is the fastest growing segment of our business here at RightNow. While you are going about your business we are putting together the building blocks for your future Facebook empire.

All we are asking is that you engage the media so you can understand it somewhat. We’ll do the rest until you have the time, or you hire someone in-house to help. But I wouldn’t be talking to you this way if I did not think it was important!

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