Did You Say You Wanted More To Do?

With all those folks working hard over at the Googleplex in addition to their acquisitions, it was only a matter of time before it all began to meld together. That time is here. In many ways, the recent developments at google with the “panda” algorithm, places and local search, 1+, Google+ and now Search Your World are, in essence, a new Google. It’s very subtle on the user side of the coin. But on the marketer side of the coin it is yet another non optional, labor intensive addition to the task at hand.

Here are three things you must do to stay ahead of the pack:

  • Google Places has been around awhile. But, like everything, it is not a “set it and forget it” kind of thing. What you include impacts how and where you show when people perform a “local search”. If you have a business location, “Places” is your nemesis now. It needs regular care and feeding.
  • Google+1 Button has been in existence for at least a year. It’s implications are becoming clearer now. You should add it to every page of your web site. It allows people to quickly give your information a “vote of confidence” which will affect your rankings in the not so distant future.
  • Google+ is the social network devised by Google to compete with Facebook. We think G had to have their very own shiny social world instead of lease it from others. The caveat that is unfolding is that while it might be optional for people to get interested in it, businesses are not going to have that luxury. When you connect the dots between web site, +1’s, and G+ content… they may have found the search juggernaut. The simple fact is that Google is going to use G+ content in search and not Facebook content.

Social media marketing is time intensive to have any kind of impact. First you have to build an audience and more than half of how you do that is through sharing engaging content. Perhaps you didn’t jump on the Facebook bandwagon. You may get to bypass it for the potential fruits to be fund at Google+. We work Twitter as well for clients and find that it is both a good place to find things to share on Facebook and Google+ as well as build an interested audience there. This means the potential daily social activity list for a small business now includes: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and possibly, LinkedIn.

Because of the direction we saw this all headed over two years ago, we have incorporated Social Media Marketing into what we do for clients for some time now. We urge you to contact us today to put your Google+ program into gear sooner than later!

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David Tucker: Search Engine Optimization, Link Building Strategies, Off-Page SEO, Brand and Reputation Management Campaigns, Structural Analysis, and Analytics Consultant. Fighting the good fight against the search engines since InfoSeek and Alta Vista were the top Internet search portals. David has a strong background in technical, design, and hosting related issues. This provides RightNow clients with a layer of SEO that most organizations can not offer. In addition to SEO work, David has developed the RightNow online client reporting system, public website, email and auto-responder system, and the development + branding of the RightNow social media channels. When not working you can find David enjoying the outdoors in Maui, Hawaii

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