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Google Plus has had pretty slow uptake for the most part. We are there every day posting for ourselves and our clients and it is a very different place than Facebook to be sure. Facebook grew out of friends and families wanting to connect up so they could stay in touch more regularly. It cut through age and gender “issues” like butter.  Google was late to the party as they had some fits and starts with the social world before settling into Plus. But Google may never really challenge Facebook. It’s your writers opinion that the LinkedIn network may be closer to where G+ is headed. If it does, it is going there on steroids.


Google made the definitive change last Spring, when it rolled its “Places” pages into the Plus architecture. I am somewhat astounded that this didn’t get business owners on the hunt to make sure their old Places page made the trip. I have to assume that most businesses did not know about “Place Pages” in the first place. But they should have. Place pages have always been an integral part of Google Local Search. Most certainly the concept of “local search” has been gaining momentum with the purchase of each and every mobile smart phone. In essence, when someone searches for a “florist” or a “lunch,” Google looks at the location of the device doing the search and offers up local results instead of their regular search results page. Try it and see.


Most business pages on G+ are pretty slim, even though Google gives you the opportunity – and its free – to create a pretty robust Plus/Places page. By doing a few things correctly you can go from invisible to present in local search:


  • Start your GooglePlus / Places listing here ->
  • Search by business name and phone number to see if you already have a page listing
  • If you dont find it, start at the beginning by creating and claiming one
  • If you do find it, follow the procedure to claim the listing
  • Complete your profile fully, add 5 photos and a video
  • Choose the categories you are going to appear for very carefully
  • Start a campaign with past and present customers to write reviews of your business at your business page and at Yelp!

Now you will have a proper Google Local presence. But GooglePlus has more to offer now and potentially down the road…


We recommend posting links to all the pages of your web site. This is a great daily method of operation at one page per day. You also want to start building an audience which is not easy right now because G+ does not allow businesses to follow people or advertise on Plus. Instead businesses have to wait until people find them and add the business to one of their “circles.” What we do is create “relevant” circles and add other businesses to them. It is slow going but it does work and the people who circle up with you are much more apt to engage and be a quality contact.


The future is bold and unknown with what the implications will be for Google Search and G+. But even today, if you are “logged into Google” and you do a search, we are beginning to see some G+ results showing up in the general search. This is widely known as “personal search” where Google matches up your query with data they know about you through G+ and your search history. Where this is headed is not completely known today. But it is safe to say that G+ will play a prominent role in the world of search results more and more in the future.


Of course, if you don’t have time to open up this new channel of distribution on the web, that’s what we do! We have very affordable SEO, SEM and SMM rates for small to medium sized businesses to take advantage of.

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