Google + Potential Game Changer

Google once had a social network, Google Buzz, created early on that didn’t work out. They went back to the drawing board. This writer thinks they thought long and hard about the competitive landscape before recently launching Google +. With much aplomb, it launched and has grown a substantial audience. Just recently though, they opened up the ability for businesses to create marketing pages. What do you think they were up to for the past 30 or so months? Here is what I surmise:



The web has broken into two major consumer functions; networking on social platforms and searching. To date, Facebook has proved to be the dominant social platform and Google the dominant search platform. Today, we think of these two activities as mutually exclusive. After all… have you done some “searching’ on Facebook? The holy grail, of course, (they think) is the marriage of the two. Now, you might begin see why this social thing becomes so important to the big G. They are charged with cracking the nut before Facebook finds a way to do a better job with search. I think Google has the easier task of it but their challenge is “everybody” is over there socializing.

For a couple of years now, Google has messed around with Twitter tweets in its’ results. Twitter is a significant player in the merging of search and social. They are the worlds news feed. It is rumored and from time to time, I have seen the results of Twitter tweets showing up in Google search results. With no agreement in place, the only tangible SEO benefit of Facebook is in brand recognition type searches. It occupies a position for a company name.

So what if Google was able to merge social content into search results? They are working on it and they will succeed. They have to. What if Google+ becomes the dominant social pipe found in Google search results? Will your business be positioned to take advantage of whatever seismic shift could come of a successful marriage of this sort? The answer is yes, if you are willing to be an “early adopter” of Google+, like many of you were with Places. At the very least, you need to engage your internet marketing agency to get the ball rolling for you now. It won’t be a waste of time no matter what the potential implications become. Google+ is going to be a major social hub regardless and it, like Facebook and Twitter must be covered by businesses large and small.

Did you know, all our clients get free, initial, optimized Twitter, Facebook and Google+ page deployment? Like everything on the web, there is a right way and a wrong way to open up a social page for your business. We now have all new, very affordable, basic services plans for getting and staying social on the web with your business that includes Twitter, Facebook and now, Google+ management. You can then elect to have us be part of your existing social marketing team or have us provide basic day in and day out services to keep you in the game when you don’t have inhouse social marketing support. What is important to understand is that social is here to stay and over time it can become a very important part of your marketing and communications plan.

If you’ve got Twitter and Facebook running smoothly, lets get going with Google+ next!

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