It’s the Sum of the Parts

By now, if you have been involved in marketing a business on the internet for any amount of time, you’ve realized there is no single powerful secret to world wide web success. Instead, it is a never-ending process of strategy planning followed by execution. Once you have created all of the necessary ingredients you have to feed them and engage them in activities designed to draw interested people towards your brand.

Each component takes time to develop before it can fully assist in the holistic process:

a) 2.0 web site that is SEO friendly and capable of expansion and change by the owner. Once built, regular updating and buildout required. Increasingly, it needs to be functional on a mobile device.

b) A blog installed as part of the web site. At least once a week blog posting primarily written to meet SEO goals.

c) A newsletter sent out at least 4x a year – it can mostly consist of snippets from your blog as well as new pages (products) of your site.

d) Adwords with a reasonable advertising budget – there is no better place to test offers and announce specials than through targeted adwords campaigns. Today there are endless means of testing various digital advertising methods through an adwords account.

e) Advertising in verticals if there is one or more in your industry can be very beneficial. Most industries have too many. So you have to test one against another until you find the ones that work for you. There amy also be vertical social networks to participate in beyond Facebook, ie. TripAdvisor

f) Facebook Business Page that actively engages at least a few times a week with interesting content. Understanding that it is going to take several hundred fans before much traction is gained. This audience growth doesn’t happen by accident.

g) In many instances, operating a Twitter account makes sense too. If you are a local business, you may find you can become an influential local voice. Here again, it must be maintained with at least a couple meaningful posts a week and better to have several a day. Even more so than Facebook, it takes lots of people following you on Twitter for the impact on your business to be noteworthy. But like anything you have to start somewhere.

With these tools fully loaded, the process moves into high gear:

1) A new page (product) is released

2) You blog about it

3) Its a newsletter item

4) You test various offers for it with adwords and push it through your verticals

5) You tell your Facebook audience you’ve got news on your blog

6) You tell Twitter and any other networks, the first place to hear about news is at Facebook

Refine, repeat, develop. This method works. But for many businesses it is just too many plates to spin. That’s OK! There are companies like ours who can do a little or do a lot for you. It’s up to you. But it all has to be done.

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