Improve or Perish

We’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating; Marketing on the internet is not an event, it is a process. Pretty simple to understand but not so easy to follow.

Here’s the scenario: You have just created a great new web site for your business. Or, perhaps, this is a second or third or maybe, even fourth redesign over the past 15 years. Unlike a brochure, where the completion of it would mean the end of the work (other than distributing said brochure…) your work has just begun the day your new site goes live. You’ve heard us nagging about content being king and the need to blog to help create new content on a regular basis but what if you just can’t bring yourself to blog for one reason or another. Is there any way to tackle this elephant?

The alternative to blogging is the creation of new web site pages. But you’ve wracked your brain and cannot come up with anything more to say about your business.

Ask yourself, what are you passionate about that is relevant to your business? Do you enjoy fine cuisine? Bird watching? Doll collecting? Skiing deep powder or shredding secret wave breaks? Chances are, you are an authority about something, right? The ideas are only as small as your imagination…

Now take this passionate pastime or business skill you possess. Do you think you could make a contribution to the web with what you know and love? Success on the internet comes for those willing to take the time and effort to bring more value to the table. More value in words is specific and unique content developed by you; information not found anywhere else. This info can be very localized, regional, national or even international in nature.

If you brainstorm, I’m positive you can come up with a unique correlation between what you are trying to market on the web with your business and what kind of content could attract people to your site who might not otherwise come via traditional marketing. (HINT: We are here to help you brainstorm!)

So, with ideas in hand you have to spec out the navigation for your planned content creation. You could create a directory of knowledge that you build on month in and month out. Or, you could join web 2.0 and create a wiki; a place where you start the conversation, but allow others to contribute. Much like blogging, sharing your knowledge through this means will slowly create a presence on the internet that cites you as an authority about something. As this point of light you have created expands, new found visitors may become prospects and ultimately customers of your main line of business through this strategy of sharing on your part.

Now, I dont know which is easier for you to do; write a blog on a regular basis or create a directory of knowledge. But whatever gets you excited to get up every day and contribute to the web with meaningful and valuable information will lead to a gradual growth in business if you think through the process completely.

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