If it Were Easy Everybody Would be Doing it!

Report from the Trenches: For over fifteen years, we have been providing an ever increasing smorgasbord of internet marketing services. At first, clients had to “steal” funds from their traditional marketing budget to pay for online efforts. These days, the online marketing budget has become the major portion of the business building budget. Back then, the skeptics didn’t believe in the internet being a viable media. Today, most business owners believe an opportunity exists but who has the time to figure out what works and what doesn’t? The learning curve has increased every year exponentially too. Today, thankfully, we find business owners who have a general understanding of the job at hand on the world wide web. But the main driving fact remains; there is not enough time in the day to get it all done. After all, you still have to run your business like you used to… only now, there are enough time killers lurking about that there is just no way you can get it all done effectively and properly, yourself.

Small business owners are reluctant to spend money on consultants who can help them out. After all, it’s their nature! To some, it appears that a dollar could be saved by doing it all in-house. This can be a dire mistake; it just cannot be done! Not to mention, doing it wrong can actually be worse than doing nothing at all. Another consideration is payroll costs. In todays business world, its a simple fact that hiring outside help to accomplish many tasks is actually less of an expense than keeping it all in-house!

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The simple fact of the matter is that it takes teamwork to accomplish all of the various online marketing tasks that make a business successful. This group effort, if handled correctly will be very positive for a small business owner. Because, in so doing, you will learn about and stay up to speed on the ever changing world of the internet.

We love clients who want to participate and create a team atmosphere. In each marketing discipline there are things we can both do to achieve your goals. Guess what? The clients who are engaged with us in this way are much more successful than the clients who are not.

Let’s take a brief look at the various things you must be doing to propel your business forward in the wired world:

Website: The sooner you realize your website is a living, breathing document and not a project to be completed, the sooner you will realize you need help. You probably already had outside help build your site. But it cannot be left alone. It must be refined, redesigned, repurposed and get “juiced up” with SEO on a regular schedule. The team here is you, your web designer and an SEO consultant.

Blogging: Once you have a good handle on your website it is time to blog. We have yet to cross paths with a business owner who can handle this piece of marketing. Most would rather visit their dentist. But a small business must blog with the main purpose being SEO. The team to accomplish this is you, a writer and an SEO consultant.

Web Advertising: There are many opportunities and pitfalls with web advertising. But you begin with a pay-per-click budget and build on your effort from there. This can be handled completely by consultants who need you as a team player providing feedback on the outcome of the effort so it can constantly be refined and polished. It is very east to waste money here if you do not have a professional looking out for you.

Social Media Marketing: Just when you thought you were getting a handle on things, along comes SMM. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the rest comprise an entirely different way to expose your business to people. One thing is certain; “old school” strategies and attitudes will fail miserably. It is truly the dawning of a new world of marketing. You need a professional to help you but occasional participation by you or your staff will help make for a well rounded effort.

So, there you have it. Four very specific efforts, none of which can be left alone. All of them need daily nurturing. If you are looking for professionals to help you out, we would love to have a chance to show you what we do. If you are already a client and feel like you could be more “plugged in” to the process, we are only a phone call away!

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