The Mastermind Experience

An error we see being made by small business owners and entrepreneurs is that they go it alone when they don’t have to. Some think they are too busy to have trivial meetings intended to review progress and shape future actions. In fact they are very busy, but perhaps, “can’t see the forest from the trees.”

Something we have been working on for some time now, I call, The Mastermind Group Experience. It’s basic concept, is that several minds thinking about solutions to challenges is a stronger plan than just one mind. Our relationship with a client begins when they hire us for one or the other marketing services we offer. Our services can be hard to perceive for some at a point but they are so essential to continue forward progress in the businesses quest to gain success on the internet. This is where the Mastermind becomes a key part of our relationship.

The Mastermind Group begins humbly as a conference call to discuss project progress. Less than 50% of our clients take this first step for one reason or another even though we encourage all clients to do so. We get it. Many people hate conference calls! But I am here to tell you that those that do see more progress than those that don’t.

A Mastermind Group program usually includes the following pieces of agenda:

  • Review of where we have come from
  • Goal setting for the future
  • Plans to meet goals
  • Discussion revolving around specific solutions

However, this is by no means a limit to what can be on the table. For those who are more brave, we find ourselves in discussions about:

  • Brand and positioning
  • General marketing direction
  • Various audits and strategies

In time, participants of the Mastermind are eager to pursue plans that would, otherwise, probably not have been considered. Prospective and existing clients are encouraged to request a Mastermind Group of their own.

See you on the call!

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